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So there have been two times that my 10 year old daughter has really flipped out about disc golf. The first was when she realized there was such a thing, and we played 6 days straight, you know, just trying it out. Ha! The second just happened this past weekend after she watched some coverage of the World Ams from Rochester. She saw the FJ division girls playing; and she watched it over and over. She turned to me and said, "Dad, I can compete"? I said, "Sure honey, they have divisions for all ages". She corrected me, stating that it was not a question; she was trying to tell me that she could be competitive with those girls.


She has played about a hundred rounds with me, and she actually has excellent driving form. Her distance is really good, it just isn't consistantly long. She works her upshots well, looking for the best line to get herself in position to make a run at the basket. Her putting, like most of us, is the part of her game that needs the most work.


So this Saturday little Juju is playing in her first tournament. We don't have an official Juniors division at the club, let alone a Junior Girls division. I will drop my divisional play and carry the bag for her in the Novice groupings. She is really excited to give it a go, and I know she'll do just fine. I will be careful to keep it light a friendly, and fun for her.


My question is, does anyone know of Junior Division tournaments in California where she can match her play against other girls. I have searched without any luck?

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Don't have an Answer for ya Dook, but just wanted to say that's Frigin' AWESOME and tell her good luck for all of us here! Let us know how she does!
Thanks Jeff, I'll keep y'all posted. Can't believe the PDGA doesn't have a million things for kids to do, no wonder people look at you crazy when you say disc golf.

PDGA isn't the only organization that doesn't do much for kids. My local club all they do is Thursday night singles and Sunday random draw doubles. Most clubs say they "promote the sport" but all they do is play for cash.


The last 4 rounds at my local course I have met kids as young a 6 trying to play with just ratty fastback Dominoes frisbees. That's why I keep a couple of beginner bags in my truck and I'll play the round with the kids.


One kid is 8 and he has taken to DG really well. His dad walked the round with us and by the end of the round this kid was throwing my Leopard about 150' down the pipe. I told him about the AM Nationals that were just held and the junior kid that has won it like 4 years straight.


I was thinking about starting a juniors league when I can get enough old plastic to put together for about 10 sets.

Just found out that the YWCA that my best friends work for in Salem, OR have started a DG sports program for kids to learn how to play and such. :)

Julia played in the weekly tonight. She was a little nervous because they put them on the Backside Course at La Mirada. It plays very long, and there are a bunch of mandos and trees. She did really well, I couldn't be more proud of her. She owned the tee pad 3 times during the 18, and out drove the guys on a hole even. oh, thats right, she had to play with the men, and she's 10.









It's not California, but there are definitely places with female junior divisions.  Oregon has an annual women's only event in August, and it looks like there's a card of juniors signed up this year.

They are opening a junior division for the Ladies of La Mirada California tourney. I found a juniors league of boys they'll let her beat up on in Huntington Beach as well that plays every saturday. One of the pro ladies also said that most TD's will let her compete and even open a division for her to play alone if they have to, all you have to do is ask. Slowly finding stuff.


Thats AWESOME. Glad she is doing so well at it!
Julia played in the Monthly tounament at La mirada this last Saturday. I dropped down and played Novice with her through the 36 holes. She played against me and 2 other men in the group and did just great. We laughed and had a good time, and worked on her putts to finish out the holes. It looks like being a 10 year old girl makes it tough to concentrate for 36 holes. We worked on breaking it down to 15 seconds worth of concentration to make a shot and then find distractions until the next shot. It worked well, she made it through all 36 in a respectable manner. Love that kid.
You lost me there.  I can't think of what the PDGA can or should be doing---other than the structure to allow locals to run youth divisions and youth events.  Which the PDGA does, and we do here.  Hopefully someone in your area will step up.

You really can't think of anything that the PDGA should be doing to grow their sport?


http://mlb.mlb.com/mlbpaa/ The MLB provides tons of support, both financial, and talent wise to promote the sport of baseball. 2.6 Million kids play Little League alone, and millions more in other leagues and at many different levels.


http://www.nfl.com/play60 The NFL has tons of promotion for youth programs, and grant programs galore. Millions of kids are involved youth football and cheerleading.


http://www.nba.com/home/fit/index.html The NBA does tons for keeping kids fit around the world and promoting basketball. Millions of kids around the world benefit from the guidence and encouragement of the NBA.


MLS, NCAA, NASCAR, NHL, PGA, Tennis, Rugby, Curling, etc, all have programs to reach out and help youth leagues organize. The future of their sports depends on it. If the PDGA feels that it is above, or doesn't need the youth of the world to grow its sport, it is sadly mistaken.


It is beyond most leagues to have the ability or funds to promote the sport amongst youth in the area. The PDGA can support that effort in many ways.


Sounds like she enjoys it! Awesome Job to Dad and Daughter... :)

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