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To all the disc golfers that find discs with names and numbers on them and then NEVER call them. I've lost 4 discs so far this season. All at Dexter Course here in Oregon. Not one person has called me yet. My discs have been gone for some time now so I sure someone has stumbbled across them.
When I fisrt started playing this game I would get a call before I can even finish my round. Now days these punks just keep the booty for themselves. Don't let me see you with my disc's in or around Eugene. The town of a bunch a of yuppies and fake hippies.

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I've got a disc out there with my info on it. I put a reward out when I lose discs.
I'm with Mark on this one. If it's a disc I really don't want to lose, I'll exhaust time and energy trying to find it, unless it's during tournament play. If I look and eventually give up, I try to just forget about it, and then if it is returned, I'm happy. If it doesn't get returned, like my ace disc from March 09, yeah it hurts a little but I then I just say oh well.
You must really play some tough terrain or alot of OB hazards to have lost four discs half way through the year.
Whenever I come up on a hole that is known for lost discs, I remind everyone on the card to keep an eye on each other's disc, way fewer lost discs that way.
I mark my disc with my nickname and PDGA number on them but have long since quit the exercize of full name and phone number on them. There are just too many new golfers in this sport and to most of them, they look at a disc, esp. if it's a nice one and think they just hit the lottery or something. It's too bad that we don't have more courtesy when it comes to returning plastic but it really doesn't help to get upset about it.
We started a campaign to return lost disc and it does help. I have a disc that I'm pretty sure I gave to a newbie that I was just told was in our lost and found. I'll get it back and thus give it back to him again.
Hopefully some day, my ace disc will come back, if it does, that person that returns it will recieve a brand new disc of the same make and model.
All I am saying is that it is a new generation of youngsters out there playing disc now. Like I said before I used to ALWAYS gets discs returned to me. Sometimes months later but they came back thru the community somehow. No one even says "Hi" on the course anymore. I see players walking around with heads down all the time looking like they aren't even having fun out there. To me the the whole peace, unity and discgolf thing just don't go together like they used to. Back to the non-return of discs thing....I believe that has turned into simple greed or kindness (is it that much effort to pick up the phone someday?). These are not the type of players I grew up playing with in Ohio. Hopefully, its just my neck of the woods and things are still the same back east.
Disc golf in my area of MA is more of a party atmosphere than actual playing. The guys who are pretty serious all recognize or know each other. The same 20-30 guys are there 5+ days a week but they are the minority by far. Every afternoon its a crazy scene with more random people who play a few times a year that are only there just to drink beer and get high. Those guys will take your disc in a heartbeat without thinking twice especially the big groups. It almost seems like some people get more excited by finding a disc than making a great shot.

It amazes me that disc's are so affordable or cheap and yet people still won't make an attempt at returning a disc. I have never gotten a disc returned to me in 10 years and I don't even write my name on it anymore. I don't lose many but when I do I chalk it up as a loss and move on.

The way things were when I started out was people would lend an eyeball for 5 minutes or so to help you find your disc. Now that get impatient immediately and play on through.
No, I think you're right with the new generation of golfers. It's like the moral breakdown in society itself, and the lack of respect you see so often today. It's almost like the newer golfers don't have any give and take. If there is a phone number on a disc, there's no reason not to at least attempt to return a disc. You don't have to go out of your way, just call and say I'm going to be at this course on this day.
I usually throw any found discs in the back of my truck on the days I run the mini and whoever plays can see them, this helps set the bar for some of the new generation but not always.
Anyone want to help me patent a disc locator? Got the ideas, prototype but no capital. Who wants to get rich?
Ya, it sucks. Sorry to see it spreading north! I gave up on getting calls down here in CA, but not the wonderfull north. Heck I even got two call from Washington State a few months back on some discs I lost up there. I hate to sound like my parents,but......kids!!!!
Well, at least you got a kick ass course to play. Dexter was a blast!

Ask Bill Gates...he needs more disposable income... :) ...or he needs to dispose of some of his income... Something like that...
Are you sure you don't live in Texas?

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