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Like the title says I need to narrow down my bag but I cant figure out what needs to go!

A little about me. I play both open and wooded courses. My average drive
is right around 300'. For drives throw forehand and overhead and for
approaches I throw both forehand and backhand.


167- Star Boss
168- Champ. Groove
175- Star Sidewinder
174- Champ. Katana

168- Tsunami

174- ESP Nuke
173- Z Wildcat
171- X Tracker
169, 174- ESP Pulse
174, 173- Z Flick
169- FLX Pulse SS
172- ESP Pulse SS


180- Proline Element

Latitude 64
174- Gold Line Core

172- Z Drone
175- FLX Buzzz


170- ESP Zone
173- Soft Challenger
170- FLX Challenger

Please help me narrow it down.

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take out some drivers for sure man. a lot of those fast stable drivers are very similar.
Ha your looking at this problem then wrong way. You don't need to take discs out you just have to get a bigger bag! I carrier 20 discs in my bag, I have a disc for every shot in distance drivers and mid ranges plus some beefy discs incase it starts to get windy. Another good thing about carring a lot of discs is if the course is empty you can try all kinds of different shots on holes
Throw with what your comfortable with. Narrow down your Drivers to about 5 if possible.
too many midranges and drivers for sure. i just finalized my bag after 7 months of tinkering, so i get this post. i have the wildcat and flick like you, bad arse discs. I'm surprised you have the groove in your bag, about the only one that shocks me. When you have discs that duplicate flight patterns nearly the same and do the same function, that should be your cue where to cut a disc.

Here's how i broke my bag down, by shots needed: I went 90% Discraft after being all Innova originally. Now, the only Innova i carry is a Teerex, and i carry a Lat 64 Vision, the rest are Discraft.

Super long hyzers with skip that will always come back when thrown with Anny
Fierce Headwinds
Hyzer spikes, grenades - discs that take a beating and glide far on extreme angles
Tomahawks, Thumbers, Sidearm
Tailwind gliders
a Midrange - stable
a Putter - something i feel confident in
That's what I want to do but I am having a hard time. I pull one out and then I think oh I know when ill need this and back it goes. Grrrr
Yeah the weight is taking a toll on my back.
Since playing with you a few times in the past I feel like we have a very similar style of play. Driving forehand, mid to approach, forehand or back hand. this is my bag set up
I recently had the same problem and when I narrowed it down, I went by the discs I throw the most of, and carried either the same, new and beat up, or the same molds light weight, and a heavier weight.
Hope this helps good luck.
See ya

x Elite Z Flick 173g - new
x Elite Z Flick 164g- new
x ESP Crush 172g- new
x Elite Z Predator 170g - used
x Elite Z Predator 170g - new
x Elite Z Tracker 172g - new
x Elite Z Tracker 170g - worn (close to beat)
x ESP Cyclone 172g - new
x Elite Z Cyclone 173g- used
x ESP Buzz 178g - worn
x Elite Z Buzz 174g- used
x Elite Z Drone 178g-new
x LE FLX Drone 180g - well used
x ESP Torque 177g - new

x Elite X Challenger 172g- new
x Elite X Challenger 172g- beat
x ESP Zone 174g - new
I think that your putter selection is good, though the ESP Zone is more of a midrange for me. On the mids, I'd keep the Drone, but I'd drop some of the other mids. I use one overstable (Drone), one stable (Z Buzzz), and one understable (Z Hawk). If I can't do it with one of those, it's not my disc selection that's to blame. I agree with Coolhand; take some drivers out. I try and think about what I need a disc for, and then use only one for that shot. For example, I took a Katana and a Nuke out to a field for a duel and found that though they fly a bit differently, I would use them for essentially the same shot. The Nuke won and I traded my Katana. I used to throw a Pulse, but I also have an Avenger and Firebird. I found that the Pulse just wasn't different enough to keep in the bag so I got rid of that too. I'm trying to reduce my bag too, so I'm trying to make more shots with less discs so that I get to know each one better.
Pulse SS? I thought they only made like 3 of those.

Anyway don't cut your bag down. Carry all you can so you can practice with different discs out on the course. My two cents.
They made like 250 in flx plastic and from what I understand 3 in regular ESP.
Take out groove and sidewinder. The boss and katana can handle what these discs do with a little practice. Cant help with the rest dont know enough about the others. Maybe get rid of the gateway and lat64 and add another buzzz. I think that you could dump the three putters and go with two of the same mold. One for putting and one for driving and up shots.
Your mids and putters look good so I would think about your drivers. You have 12 drivers and 10 different molds, cut out 2-3 of those 'specialty' drivers. The Katana is brand new so you can't rely on it that much and I don't know what most of those discraft drivers do so try to limit your drivers to maybe 6 different molds and gradually work in a few of each to varying levels of stability. Then you can go to these discs for different conditions and courses and feel more confident when they're in your hand.

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