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The main goal is to bring together peoples ideas as one giant force. I believe it’s finally time to utilize peoples strengths. Building a network that can better facilitate Disc Golf’s main stream growth is vital.

Taking the steps needed to gather corporate and local sponsorships. How to navigate the proper channels when approaching Parks Departments for course development opportunities. The easiest ways to organize local clinics, doubles events, monthly club tournaments, night golf etc. All of which are in turn helping to fundraise Disc Golf growth in there respective areas.

The Disc Golf scene has been growing exponentially the past few years. Every where you go you see new players with a single disc and smile on their face. With these new players comes the need to match the growth on a structural level. We need new courses to a alleviate stresses put on existing layouts. New clubs and organizations to structure events for these new players. A matched commitment from various regions to come together for a greater purpose. I’ve always been told that many hands make light work. Well we have amassed a great army to call upon.

If we work together to achieve common goals, great things will happen. The power is in the hands of the people. The PDGA is nothing without it’s core of players. We the player’s are the public’s perception of Disc Golf. Each time we interact with dog walkers at the course. Every conversation about what it is we're doing throwing a “Frisbee” in the woods. We are each in a way representatives of the Global Disc Golf Community.

Until the players start to work for the game instead of expecting it to miraculously happen the other way around. Until the players work harder to change Disc Golf related stigmas. Until we learn how to act like human beings on planet earth. Who don't slam 12 packs and terrorize the park. Until there is a drastic, almost 180 degree, shift in the general public perception of Disc Golf. I believe we are going to be treading shallow water. With the real big fish out there in deep blue waters.

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I agree with Donnie, I would love to see the game advance to a level where discers hold their selves with the poise of other professional atheletes. When you are done with your round, then go have a beer...hell, I'll buy the first pitcher. But when you are on the course, be respectful and enjoy the game for what it is. Have you ever seen a pro-golfer or baseball player take out a sharpie and draw a dick on something ?? Not during a match! That is something to think about.

Donnie Brooks, Mini Disc Golf Federation said:
Read my discussion on a letter I found from 1980 between Doug Newland and Ed Headrick. (it is listed on my page under my discussions) This seems to be the same discussion then as it is now. Most people are for themselves and do not see the greater picture. Some things have not changed in 28 years according to the 1980 letter. It comes down to the fact that we are individuals, and most people do not want to give but only take. There are leaders, followers, givers, and takers. Some people will step up while others will stand by and watch the work being done. I have found out he hard way that you can only depend on the few, not the masses. If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.
As far as sponsors go, Ed had the same problems. Bad behavior by the players held back sponsors. I see alot of that today as well. In the end, we have done this to ourselves. Not all of us. Because there are those of us that would give our throwing arm to see the sport advance to a level we can only imagine. Respectfully submitted.
Donnie is right, and this is a great thread. We all are ambassadors of our sport. The more we show that respectable people play our sport the more respect we will command as a community. I hate when people say that disc golf has no potential as a mainstream sport. It takes work and dedication to bring about any worthwhile change, and those that disregard the feelings of non participants take us steps backwards. PLEASE PEOPLE, IT IS VERY EASY TO BE RESPECTFUL.
We need to step up to those who actually are vandalizing our courses and giving us true disc golfers, who love the game for the game itself, the bad rep that we do not deserve. I for one do agree with the fact that many want our sport to grow and many people would sacrifice the ability to "do what they want" for the good of the sport and those who are willing need to be the ones creating the good reputation that most of us deserve. Unfortunately there are only so many people that are on this site and there are only so many of us that will actually participate in creating a brighter future by taking care of our courses and trying to create a better image. Therefore, I would love to see everybody that wants to see our sport grow and try and do something for a change, make people believe the same values that you do and I would love to see everybody that cares, make at least 15 people that you know feel the same way. They don't all have to be the golfers you see at leagues since they should already know what to do on the course, it should be the causal players, since most of them do not know what good course conduct means and make them aware of what it should mean.

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