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The 2 major disc golf shoe sponsors. 

Keen vs. Merrell (Vibram).

Which do you prefer and why?

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Merrels seem to last longer. I have been a fan of merrel before disc golf even. Wear the moc's for casual shoes.
I gotta go with Merrell cause of the more aggresive tread patterns, and they don't have that childish looking little knob on the tip of the shoe like the Keen's do. They both are top quality shoes with comparable pricing but the Merrell's look cooler.
they're both too expensive--any good cross trainer or lightweight hiking shoe will work...
Neither! both are just OK shoes IMO.
Merrel hands down! One of the best parts about em is that Thier flagship styles (chameleon, intercept...) are available in ventalator(light and breathable), normal, and goretex/waterproof. Some are even available in boot and sandal form- so you can keep the same style all year.
Keen is known for sandals but is fairly new to shoes. The toe box Makes me think short bus;) I tried to support them for supporting us but they were just too goofy.
Since we are talking vibram, I'll bring up n.Face. Thier traction seems too much for dg- more for hiking. I also view nf as a poser brand for those that pretend they go outside.
As far as people saying they're too exspensive: how much do you normally pay for shoes- how long do they last- how often do you play? Oh, and how old/young are you?- I plan to dg for the rest of my life, so a few bucks for socks, shoes, and joint supplements are a small price for longevity.
Merrel all the way! I had no idea they sponsored DG! Great outdoor shoe/boot all day. Its premium footwear all the way around but not a bargain by any means.
I for one know how important shoes are.
Don't mind spending $$ on them if they are worth it.
Currently have 1 pair of Keens and 2 pair of Merrells.
Both are comfortable, believe that the Merrells will outlast the Keen.
Do like the marketing and exposure that Keen is producing.
But like anything else, it's durability and comfort that make a 'good shoe.'
(I had to wear corrective shoes as a child, and wish never to have my feet hurt).
For those that are too timid to purchase shoes, its your choice, but my feet are too important.
Speaking of high quality shoes...How did you like those 5-10's?
I couldn't find a pair , so I bought these. The North Face Men's Hedgehog GTX XCR

Ok I have a question for anybody who owns these NF Hedgehogs-I've been looking for a shoe with a well made sole and gore-tex and am very interested in these shoes, I actually went to a local store who carries them and tried them on and found them extremely comfortable and fit my foot perfect. Now comes the part that puts me on the fence- I wore them around the store for a while and even went through my normal throwing motion (not without some puzzled looks from other customers in the store) as I wanted to see how the shoe would feel while throwing, and I found that I felt they almost had TOO MUCH grip. I will add that the floor in the store wasn't a wooded area or a concrete teepad, more like a slick hardwood basketball court. But it made me think back to a post of a guy who wore something to gain traction on the icy ground during winter golf and actually injured his knee requiring surgery (an experience I'd rather not go through first hand).

So here's the question for anyone who owns these or even a similar vibram soled shoe-Have they ever caused you any pain or discomfort in your "plant knee" (right knee throwing RHBH) that you thought could be connected to your shoes? Maybe I'm just being paranoid but figured I'd ask before I throw down $100+ for a great, waterproof, well made shoe thats gonna trash my knee if I throw 36 holes in one day.......

do they have the same tackiness? I found that when I saw the hedgehogs up close the pictures are very deceptive as the treads are quite as aggressive as they look, they arent as deep but the way they stuck to the floor(when I put them on and scuffed/added pressure in different directions I felt like they must have been designed for spiderman, or they were stolen from a Barry Sanders testing facility) I was just wondering if they feel differently on a sandy teepad or dirt, leaves ect.-
Well I must say. It's Merrell's that are the pretender, when it comes to a true outdoor shoe. I'd take North Face over Merrells any day! But for me the true winner is Montrail. They smoke these other brands when it comes to comfort and durability. But, to each his own...........


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