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The 2 major disc golf shoe sponsors. 

Keen vs. Merrell (Vibram).

Which do you prefer and why?

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Ok I have a question for anybody who owns these NF Hedgehogs-I've been looking for a shoe with a well made sole and gore-tex and am very interested in these shoes, I actually went to a local store who carries them and tried them on and found them extremely comfortable and fit my foot perfect. Now comes the part that puts me on the fence- I wore them around the store for a while and even went through my normal throwing motion (not without some puzzled looks from other customers in the store) as I wanted to see how the shoe would feel while throwing, and I found that I felt they almost had TOO MUCH grip. I will add that the floor in the store wasn't a wooded area or a concrete teepad, more like a slick hardwood basketball court. But it made me think back to a post of a guy who wore something to gain traction on the icy ground during winter golf and actually injured his knee requiring surgery (an experience I'd rather not go through first hand).

So here's the question for anyone who owns these or even a similar vibram soled shoe-Have they ever caused you any pain or discomfort in your "plant knee" (right knee throwing RHBH) that you thought could be connected to your shoes? Maybe I'm just being paranoid but figured I'd ask before I throw down $100+ for a great, waterproof, well made shoe thats gonna trash my knee if I throw 36 holes in one day.......

do they have the same tackiness? I found that when I saw the hedgehogs up close the pictures are very deceptive as the treads are quite as aggressive as they look, they arent as deep but the way they stuck to the floor(when I put them on and scuffed/added pressure in different directions I felt like they must have been designed for spiderman, or they were stolen from a Barry Sanders testing facility) I was just wondering if they feel differently on a sandy teepad or dirt, leaves ect.-
Then you must be a Rush fan too lol! couldn't help a shameless plug for my favorite band and yes, waaaaay off subject ;)
As far as the Salomons. You have to get the ones with the added carbon fiber and plastic..I think there the 3D Xwing? but you should try Montrail or Garmont if you want a solid shoe. My Garmonts lasted close to three disc golf seasons.

I also have a pair of these !!
The North Face Hedgehog GTX XCR Hiking Shoe

The North Face made the Men's Hedgehog GTX XCR Hiking Shoes for adventure racers and fast-paced hikers. A waterproof breathable Gore-Tex membrane fights mud-season trails and inclement weather. The North Face added cushiony forefoot and heel inserts, plus a heel air pod for bottom-of-your-foot delight, and stashed an antimicrobial covering on top of the ergonomically designed footbed to cut down on stink. The Hedgehog GTX XCR Shoe's lightweight Vibram outsole grips rocks and wet leaves as you fly over the trail.

Bottom Line:
The North Face equipped the Hedgehog GTX XCR Hiking Shoes for Mother Nature's gnarliest topographic challenges.
really? solomons are so much more comfortable, and convienient, hands down. too bad they don't hold up to abuse as well. my $140 top end gore-tex solomons just don't hold up. i also have a pair of merrell chameleon ventilators, they sure grip well, but - not even close to as comfortable. it's the lace system, mostly.
Sorry, this is a silly discussion.
First of all, when teeing off of concrete, what does $140 high-tech tred matter? Might as well have a pair of Chuck Taylor's. Secondly, unless your playing an unruly course in the Rocky Mountains with a 30 degree grade (which I play daily with basic Nike cross-trainers), why are hiking shoes needed, particularly in the Midwest?
Good point. I have been using a $10 pair of shoes for the last 6 months. They are just starting to look bad. At $10 bucks a pop it will take me about 7 years to spend as much money as everyone else is on one pair of shoes. How long do these other shoes last? You all are probably going to say that the shoes I wear are not as comfortable and not water proof, but who cares that's what plastic bags are for or I could go out and spend the money that I have saved on a pair of water proof socks. And yes these shoes are very comfy.
Gotcha beat...my Nike cross trainers were $5! They're working on 3 years and still as solid as they were 250 rounds ago!
I have had a pair of Merrel Chameleons for the past 2 yeas and a pair of Keen Newport Trails for the past year. I honestly like them both. The Keens have the 'keen-dry' technology (like gore-tex) and it works pretty well, but doesn't keep my feet as dry as it used to. My Merrel's were a gift and do not have gore-tex, so if there's any moisture on the ground, my feet will know it in no time.

Overall, both are great shoes. Both are very comfortable, durable, and have good--but not too good--grip. I find myself continuously impressed by them given how hard I am on my gear. But whenever it does come time to buy a new pair, I'll probably lean towards Keen...
Okay, okay....
Merrell doesn't sponsor disc golf.. but Vibram does.
Vibram gives its employees a discount to purchase Merrells.
Go figure.
The more I wear the Merrells the better they feel....
As far as price...
You can get Merrells at Marshalls for $49.99 instead of $120!
And why buy $10 shoes that last a week or two....
Don't tell me if you can drive a Porsche or a Chey Cobalt... and for a few dollars more would not upgrade.
I've had Keen that didn't last 1 round without starting to fall apart, and Merrell's that didn't make it 2 weeks. Can't say either is 'good', they both need to learn a thing or two about using strong glue. My Merrell Chameleon Stretch are the best golfing shoes ever though, once I glued them back together they've last 4 years off/on use.

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