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The 2 major disc golf shoe sponsors. 

Keen vs. Merrell (Vibram).

Which do you prefer and why?

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I'm looking at getting a pair of Keen Shellrock WP's or some North Face 104 GTX's. Anyone with imput on either of these shoes? (other than previous posters)
I've owned several Keen's and North Face, but not the two you speak of. I hate to down a company that is becoming a part of the disc golf world, but Keen's do not hold up well to the demands of disc golf. IMO traction and comfort are important, but it's lateral torque or the abillity of a shoe to handle it that is the most important. The Keens are lacking in that department. The majority of the people I play with that bought the Keen disc golf shoe, would not buy them again. My North Face shoes are very sturdy and handle the twisting/rotation that I put on them when I play. The only nock on them, is that they required some time to break in.
Food for thought, of all the shoes I've used to play disc golf in. Montrail and Garmont have been the best by a large margin. The Montrails midsole are very sturdy and also have a plastic "frame" for added support. Same with the Garmonts. Both shoe's have a stiffer midsole on the inside portion of the shoe for pronation (natural motion of the foot that causes more force to bear down on the inside portion of a shoe). Also both have great arch support. Finally, I just retired my Garmonts after three years of disc golf use. Mind you, they were used for disc golf only. Hope this helps.
I went with the Keen Shellrock WPs last year. I would say it is one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, but it is not made for disc golf. I started busting seems on the outside of my right foot (pivot foot) within a month of purchase. I'm still using them right now, but you can see my sock in three places through two dime sized holes, and a third that is about half that size. Needless to say I am not as fearless in the face of puddles as I was when they were brand new. The shoe just isn't designed for the quick rotational forces. The tread also seemed to wear out pretty quick, I have a pretty flat spot on where you can tell I pivot.

My other pair Keen shoes, the Lisbon, is awesome for dry disc golf. They have a fairly flat bottom, so wet days/courses are out, but the sides are reinforced. The low profile is also nice. I played for a year and a half in them before I started to wear through the bottom of the sole.

That said, this year I'm giving the five fingers a try. Worst that can happen is they get destroyed like my Shellrocks did last year.
Wouldn't be cool to have a DPS logo on the bottom of a shoe?
Perfect!!! ...for when I step in dog poop!!! lmao

Left yourself open for that one!!!
Great when I step on your ..................... IMAO LOL WHATEVER...

Leave your impression everywhere you walk... or tread.
Keen for sure. I had a pair of Merrell's and the sole ripped out in two weeks. I have had a pair of Keen's for over four years now and they are still going strong. I also have the new Milo's and the comfort, waterproof, toe guard, and tread are all well done on them. Keen's all the way.
I bought a pair of Keen Obsidian WP's recently.. not even a month and my right heel tread came unglued. I'm currently looking for something that will hold up a little better than that. I toe drag but not on occasion....but dang.. $90 for a month of use? I'll look up Montrail.. Garmont's.. and those NF Hedgehogs and see what I can find. I've been told that it's really hard to beat the Vibram soles... I'm leaning toward a durable shoe with those athletic type of soles on them.

But to answer the question: Not Keen.
I have owned both Merrell and keen shoes. I would like merrell shoes better if they weren't so narrow. I have tried buying a bigger shoe size but that didn't help much. Bought a pair of keen's and that solved the problem. Now i am back to wearing a size 11 again. Thank you KEEN!!! Now about the duability. I think that Keens are more durable but the merrells have better soles, at least when you first buy them. I had a pair of Merrell Camelen Ventilators and they were fine as long as I didn't play to many rounds day (Once again the wide feet) but after the first 4-5 months. The wear of the sole got to a certain point that the sole finally tore apart. I play at least 2-3 times a week (The same as the Merrells) and I have not had a problem. Reply for more info.
Donny, how much do they cost and where'd you get em?
Don't know yet, I'm still researching.
I have been wearing 10 to 15 dollar wal-mart shoes that work good for about 3 months then blow out.
I figure if I spend more money I'll get more time out of them.
So in doing the research I found you guys.
A lot of good input from everybody but I still don't know what I want.
Yesterday I was at a 2 hour disc golf clinic with Nate Doss, Avery and Valarie Jenkins and they all were wearin KEENS.
When I asked about them mainly where did you get them they said online.
Well I can't buy shoes that way as I got weird feet so I gotta fit them before I buy.
I guess I'll just have to continue looking.
dude the best are these teva hiking shoes like a boot but without the boot haha they grip any surface!!! but i mostly wear addidas running shoes or under armor however i like keen slightly better but i dont wear them anymore

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