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We played the other day and it was in the mid 90's and brutal and this course has very little shade or wooded holes. I seen these stay cool towel or what ever there called,just wanted to know if anyone tried one of these and if they worked? Thye say you just pour water on it and it gets cold? Maybe but how long would this last when the sun is beating down on you? Or if you know of any other ideas or products that work?

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1st you get a pullcart, add a car battery,then a power converter, and a small window air conditioning unit. ;) The stay cool towel things work for an hour or so, then you have to re-wet them.

Stop to the bathroom and soak your shirt and hat.

The easiest way is to have enough water and pour it onto your head. As it evaporates you will stay cooler. I did this yesterday. But you need a bit of extra water. Really no need for any special towel or anything.

water, sunblock, wear a hat, avoid caffeine, where light colors, carry less plastic

Ditto on the hat, light colored clothes. Change the water to ice water. Get a cart so you don't gave to carry your bag. Add a cooler to the cart with cold packs and cold drinks (cold packs can be placed on neck or head to help you stay cool). Take an umbrella for portable shade. Slow down and my favorite.....

Play Old Man Disc Golf,


I avoid ice water because drinking something very cold on a hot day will give me a stomach ache. I do believe in carrying less discs. I picked up someone else's bag the other day and was very happy that it wasn't mine. Mine weighed probably a third of what the other bag weighed.

I also acclimate myself to the heat because my apartment has no AC and I don't use it in the car either. But water is really your best friend especially if you have extra to pour on your head.

The hotter it is the less disc I carry also, usually no more then 12. This also leave room for extra water bottles, I also freeze one or two bottles so I have cold water at the end of round, and also using it like an ice pack to cool of my neck, face...

I spend as much time in the shade as I can, even if its more of a walk. Trucker hats are better to keep your head cool then a normal hat. I like lightweight loose clothing, even better the drifits. The little soft rubber fans are great also, water bottle ones are even better. 

Hat,hydration,water,(gatorade/zipfizz)added bonus the last 2.SWFL disc golf player,many have umbrellas and carts to carry discs,coolers,etc.lighten the bag as mentioned,wearing a watered down headband around neck.soaks up sweat and add water as needed.Standing in the shade as much as possible works wonders when available,sit on that chair you carry or get one!Play old man disc golf as Peter mentioned ,haha.gotta love it.Started throwing in '57,now @ 60 yrs young and still enjoy throwing/watching a frisbee/disc in the air.

Play the woods more,LOL.

my Dad works for a Roads department and spends much of his summers out in the Sun WHILE laying down 400 degree Tar. He started using these cooling neck band things that go around your neck. The premise being cooling the big arteries in your neck will help cool the rest of your body. My Dad SWEARS by them and keeps at least 2 in his lunch box. They are along the lines of something like this :


Jeff,same idea that I use.Bandana was the word I was trying to think of,ha.soak mine in cold water,place in a freezer baggie,ring out excess water and tie around neck. mine is cheaper,haha.another product I missed merchandizing.

Lol. You got start getting your Patent applications in, Ed! :)

The one my Dad uses has little beads inside that soak up the water and then he freezes them over night. Even Frozen, they stay pliable. He throws them in his lunch box and two of them will stay cold all day long. It's a pretty cool product. I wish I could remember the brand he has.

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