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Well I'll start off with the obvious. I am 30 years old and not getting any younger.


I took a long break from disc golf this winter. I didnt play from november until the end of march. for the first time in my life of playing sports i am experiencing knee pain. It is a sore spot on the inside of the right knee(mostly RHBH) and when i practice the motion i can tell the soreness comes from the plant and pivot.


So my question comes to this. Is this pain similar to the soreness i get every spring from over exerting my right arm? This is a pain i am familiar with. As i live in Michigan, every spring the snow melts the air warms and all i want to do all day is throw. This pain usually subsides within the first couple weeks from using those long forgotton muscles.


Should i be worried about my knee? Should i take a little time off to heal? I sure dont want to take any time off, but i sure as all dont want to have problems all year. Anybody experience similar issues? What types of exercises/strectches are good for the knee?

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iv eheard to plant off your heel instead of your toe to prevent wear and tear on your knees and ankles. try that.
Any swelling with it?
no swelling, not a lot of pain either. but i can feel it any time i walk or move my knee.
this is something i have been working on and cannot break the toe plant. I heel plant when i drive for the most part. But i ball point on most short drives and upshots.
Man I had the same thing last year wierd thing was when I pushed on it the pain would go away it's better know and the only thing I changed is trying to throw smoother instead of harder I'm also 30 and have never had that type o knee pain before
the pain/soreness is enough to play through the main question becomes do i take a week or more to rest when all i want to do is play. The other question i have is did i tweak something on soft ground and pull something? or is this something serious? now i know most people here arent doctors and frankly i cant afford to start seeing a doctor becuase of this.

Jordan, did you do anything extra to take care of your knee problems?
Maybe try playing with a knee brace.
I'm not saying it was the same thing it just sounds like it and i was mabey playing a little less at the time but i had the same worry and it got better good luck to you and im def not a doctor
You could switch to forehand when the pain gets worse.
Odds are you tweeked the tendons or it could just be muscle fatigue, but it's tuff to dx a complaint over the internet. If the pain increases with lateral motion. Chances are it's connective tissue problems.Good old ice and ellavation and wash down some motrin (swelling) or tylenol(pain). If it gets worse, I'd call your family doc and have it checked out. Chances are he or she will tell you the same thing.
As for braces, I'm not a fan of them. If you grow dependant on a brace. You will loose muscle and tendon strength. They are good for rehab and in small doses.
Good luck.
sounds like a strain. You should start wearing a brace and takeing a more serious look at the footware that you use. Proper footware A good hikeing shoe with proper arch supports are ideal in preventing future injury. rest and elevate your knee dont play till the pain subsides, and when you do play again take a good anti inflamitory, and stretch well. A good strecthing routine should take at least ten minutes! look online for stretches in your area of discomfort.
Thanks for the info

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