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New course to go in this spring, beginning with 24 Chainstars and eventually expanding to even more. Will have cement tees and signs. On a former ball golf course that's gone unused for years. You have Bill Gilbert of A3 and the owners of the apt. complex to thank.

We (me and my dad) just laid out the first 10 holes this morning before the blizzard began on the 2nd (his 3rd) walkthrough. Not set in stone, but a few are pretty surely completed. It will take almost no work beyond putting baskets in the ground once the design is done.

Hole #2 will be 1,000 feet long. There are 2 small ponds, with baskets on the edge and shots across them in the design already. Lots of wide open spaces, large pines, no tall grass and no rough.

Check out the recent pictures tagged as Lakeshore and Ypsilanti.

Any local interest in fundraiser discs? Who would commit to buy one?

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We have the baskets garrett, well 18 of them anyways just have to collect them from where they are stored. this may take a week or so have to wait for the guy who is storing them to return from his trip to the west coast.
Here is a Google Map image that shows how to get there off the Rawsonville Road I-94 exit.

Terry do you have an approx map of the planned hole layouts both PRO and AM tees??
I Wouldn't want to play the PRO tees but would love to test the AM tees for you if you can get those marked as well.
Weather is looking great for saturday.
No map yet of both, but Sheila and I are going out after work today to spend an hour or two putting some flags in and I may work on the map more while we are there.
Terry "the Pirate" Calhoun said:
No map yet of both, but Sheila and I are going out after work today to spend an hour or two putting some flags in and I may work on the map more while we are there.


what time do you think you'll be out there today? I would love to stop by on my way home from work. I don't think I can make it tomorrow due to work and my daughter's third birthday. just would like to get a feel for the layout....
If things go well at work I plan on having Sheila pick me up at 4:30, which means we'd be there about 5. (I'd prefer to get there before rush hour traffic starts.)

When you drive in the entrance, just go to the guard shack and show your ID and say you're there regarding the development of the disc golf course. Then you'll do a u-turn and make an immediate right into a driveway that parallels Grove Street.
Terry and sheila,

thanks for the brief walk-thru yesterday. wish I would have had the time to play a couple.....but got out of work later than anticipated. Please let me know of further developments. If I understood you correctly last evening,the remainder of the course should be properly marked for "stake" play by the end of the weekend. If that is the case I will try to get out there over a lunch next week and give the layout a test run. good luck today and thanks again.

Terry, I'd recommend stakes AND paint. Stakes have a way of moving when someone else decides to see if they float, or thinks the tee pad should be elsewhere.

I will plan to be out there tomorrow, Sunday, around 10-11am to make sure everything is complete and play a round or two. If anyone wants to be one of the first to play it let me know or be there. Need directions, ask.

734 883 4408
We will be out there @11am.
Yes, Peter. By the time we are done today, the course will be available for "stake play" and it appears as though the complex manager is fine with people just showing up and playing (show ID to the guard at the entrance).

We finished laying out short and long tee positions for all 18 holes Saturday. For several holes, including the long water hole, Hole 8, we also sent some time doing minimal and rough clearing to make the holes playable.

The more people who play to the stakes, quickly, the better, as once we have a handle on whether our layout works, the manager appears to want to move very quickly to get the course in the ground.

We don't have a handle on its length yet, except that from the long tees it's pretty darned long. We're going out around 10 this morning to play it and make sure all the needed marking is done (we don't have numbers on the flags for 15-18 yet, and we will do a first measuring of the lengths using a laser range finder.

I'll try to draw and scan and post a rough map. Until then, here's a hole by hole text description that, if you print it out, will probably help you get around the course:

Hole 1 long tee is in the corner of the golf course closest to the pro shop and Grove Road. It's roughly a 330' RHFH shot to a pin located within the triangle of three large pines. There is a big hyzer route, around a large pin near the tee, that probably plays more like 360. Short tee is right up the middle of the fairway, obvious, and offers two routes as well.

Hole 2 long tee is pretty much pin high with Hole 1, but over alongside the fence between the property and Grove Road. Don't bother looking for the pin, because it's about 1,000 feet down the fairway with the approach protected by a row of three pines which afford a couple of different approach routes. Short tee is further down the left side of the fairway near the first of a row of large oak and maple trees.

Hole 3 long tee is over near the fence between the course and Bridge Street and throws to a pin near a couple of pines alongside that fence. It's pretty short, as we though it would be nice to follow the long hole with a shorty. Short tee is slight to the right of the long tee and a little closer.

Hole 4 is further down the fence, teeing off under a couple of large deciduous trees and playing to a pin on the right-hand side of what was one of the ball golf greens, protected in front and on the right by sand traps that will be marked OB. Short tee is closer and elevated on an interesting hilly hump.

Hole 5 is off to the right from the pin for Hole 4 and near a large deciduous tree. It throws past a large pine and between two large pines to a pin near the pond that has water in it and on the edge of an old ball golf green, which will cause some roll-away putts. Short tee is alongside that first large pine.

Hole 6's long tee is just past Hole 5's pin and throws back toward the fairway of Hole 3 to a pin position under a deciduous tree. It may be a little hard to see this pin from the tee. The short tee is up closer and a bit to the left.

Hole 7 - as you approach the pin on Hole 6, turn left and walk a bit up back towards Grove Road. The tee throws back toward the water through a couple of close deciduous trees to a pin location between two large, squat pines right on the edge of the pond OB. From the long it's about 270'.

Hole 8 - from 7's pin, turn to the right and go part way around the corner of the pond, to the left. It throws along the long axis of the pond to a pin position between two large deciduous trees. We cleared a lot of willow and other saplings along the bank of the pond, so this should be obvious. Those who don't want to risk the maybe 280' carry across the water can bail out across a smaller piece of water to the right. Which means a second shot also across water or around on land through a narrow gap that will probably cost most people a stroke if they don't want to risk the water. Short tee is in the landing zone area for the bailouts from the long tee.

Hole 9 - Go directly back to the edge of the woods from Hole 8's pin to find the long tee for 9. The pin is on top of a steep hill about 500' away, with a very large deciduous tree in the middle of the fairway at about 300' or less. Short tee is near that large tree.

Hole 10 - In the middle of the open area on the other side of the hill that 9's pin is on, you will see the flags for Hole 10. That fairway narrows as it runs between the two ponds and on up a hill. It's probably between 425-450'. The short tee is closer, just this side of where the fairway narrows and we currently have it forcing a turnover for a RHBH. This position of the short is definitely not set and we are open to suggestions as to how to make it most interesting.

Hole 11 - The long tee for 11 is near where the long tee for 8 was, but the fairway runs back out toward Bridge Street. The pin is located on top of another roll-away putt hillock. The short tee should be visible and obvious.

Hole 12 - Follow that hillock left to its end (it's long and narrow) and, just off of it, between some trees, is the long pad for 12. It's headed back toward the pro shop with the pin located just short of another hillock and just on the other side of a large, squat pine which protects it. Short tee - from the long tee look left and shorter, across what was a golf green to find this tee.

Hole 13 - Long tee is on top of the hillock back toward the dry pond, with the pin position inside a large willow tree but protected by some trees that make the RHBH hyzer the best shot. This is an ace run with OB (rocks marking pond circumference) right behind it. Short tee is to the right and just off the hillock, teeing between two trees with a slightly less obstructed approach.

Hole 14 - Long tee is back near the short tee for 13. The fairway cuts just above the outside edge of the pond, between two ancient willow trees, to a pin that is visible from the tee but just on the other side of a trio of very large pines. Short tee is near the willows, on the left side of the fairway.

Hole 15 - tees from the long near the end of a row of small deciduous trees/bushes. As you approach the pin for 14, look over to the right a bit and you'll see it. It throws back parallel, the other direction, to 14, to a pin near some large trees. Short tee is near one of those hillocks which causes an interesting obstruction to your drive from it.

Hole 16 - tees a bit close from the long to the pro shop than the pin for 15 and parallels 16 going the other way. The short tee should be easy to find as you head back that way.

Hole 17 is another shorty, paralleling in reverse again. It's protected from a RHBH by a large pine.

18 - Once there, look ahead, cross an open area that used to be a ball golf fairway, and you'll see the long tee for 18. The pin is back near the pro shop on the left-hand corner of the former ball golf green and protected by a couple of sand traps. From the long tee, go closer and cross over to the left side of the old ball golf fairway and you'll find the short tee, which has a restricted set of drive routes by some pines in front of the tee.

More later.
Okay, here are the distances at 'The Ponds" at Lakeshore—measured this morning by Ben and I. There may be some final tweaking.

Hole # Blue Tee White Tee
1 340 250
2 1000 600
3 210 190
4 480 380
5 360 270
6 220 210
7 260 200
8 280 210
9 460 350
10 460 340
11 320 270
12 410 310
13 220 210
14 590 400
15 490 320
16 440 290
17 300 190
18 460 330
Total 7370 5630
Average 409 312

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