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The first time I threw a driver (Discraft XL 174g) that was recommended to me by the local shop, It flew about a 150' and was banking left out of my hand. I played 18 holes that day and was getting it out to about 200' by the end of the round and I was aiming right so it would fade left toward the center of the fairway. I was hoping that nobody saw me and decided I better seek some advice and quick.


I came back the next day and saw the guy in the pro shop, he was a tennis dude and had no clue about disc golf other than he sold discs. I saw a couple guys out front getting their gear ready to go play a round. I was polite and asked nicely if they could give me any advice on what I was doing wrong or if I had purchased the wrong kind of disc. I was told to go buy a Roc and learn to throw it 300' and then come back and ask for advice.


I went home after playing another bank left all day 18 holes and got on my computer. You Tube is a wonderful tool for disc golf research. The first videos I watched where of Mark Ellis explaining how to throw a hyzer and an anhyzer, forehand, backhand, and how to make the most immediate gains right away. This helped, but something was missing and I searched for soembody demonstrating technical driving technique. Dan Beato popped up, and he was amazing in his direct instruction and the slowmo shots where right on the money.


My next several rounds where a blast, and nowhere in those videos was there a disclaimer that I needed to throw a Roc 300' before I watched them. For that matter, I have seen Mr Ellis recommend using all discs from the start and learning a complete game.


I still lacked the ability to get the disc out to 300', you know, the magic first hudle that qulifies you as a real disc golfer.(Kidding) One day I was playing a round and caught the single in front of me and we joined up. He was throwing an understable disc, what was that? He showed me his Monarch and said give it a rip; using the hard and flat throw that I had been, I ripped the longest drive I had ever thrown and ran to the disc shop and bought a Monarch. It changed my game right there and hooked me for life on disc golf.


I eventualy started flipping the disc, and had to learn how to bring a disc out on a hyzer an let it turn up and run. Once that wasn't enough I started to increase disc weight and then stability, even though I still throw some understable molds to this day.


I have not perfected the game yet, but I have entered and won some tournaments and I look forward to playing every day. I would have become bored and disgusted if I wasn't able to pacify my game by playing with drivers that where meant to help beginners. I have learned to control my armspeed, realease, snap, and many other aspects of the by throwing a variety of discs as I have learned to play.


So why is it so popular to make fun of new understable discs that are fast and long. If you don't throw them right, they don't work. The disc will tell you what you are doing wrong by how it flies. If you can't correct it without screwing up the semblence of a normal throwing motion, then this disc is not for you, move on. I have heard all the stories about learning the basics and throwing smaller winged discs to get the feel and snap required to play this game and so on and so on. Either way, I learned, and it seemed like a lot more fun throwing long from the start.


I guess I should have blogged this....sorry....Thoughts

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Just got a Vulcan and finally an understable fast disc. Learning the angle of release this disc needs is like the old discs like a Stingray or Cobra. I can finess it into the wind or downwind. Learning a hyzer release is almost unnecessary with all the fast overstable discs, but if you do this Vulcan can take your game to a different level.

I ignored all the manly reviews about how flippy the Vulcan was and that it might make a good roller and went out and bought one a couple weeks after it came out. This disc is super fast and nose sensative, I really learned to control my arm slot with this bad boy. It is still in my bag, I like this disc for easy distance when there is no wind or if it coming from the tail.

"Why is it so popular to make fun of new understable discs.....?"  There's a lot of bad advice out there---disc snobs and inexpert experts and players who can't conceive that not everyone throws exactly like they do.


It seems the concept that different discs suit different players is a tough one to grasp, despite the evidence provided by the sales figures of thousands of different manufacturer/model/plastic/weight combinations. 


The notion of mastering the Roc (or substitute) isn't a bad one---it's a consistent disc that can be good for developing your form, and being really good with a mid-range has its value.   300' is just somebody's arbitrary number; many disc golfers will NEVER throw 300', and I can't imagine them spending their whole life with just a Roc, trying to.

I have had a Roc in my bag since the second week I started playing, and it is a very useful disc. As far as it being the base of my training for all disc throws, I would say that I didn't feel comfortable going that route. I have gotten out to the 275' mark throwing the Roc, for what it's woth. I prefer the Lat 64 Opto Pain for pounding a mid for distance.


I had some early success in learning to play the game, but after reading posts on other boards I still felt like I didn't build from the correct base techniques. I have gone back and started over once, but that just screwed me up and I abandoned that right away. I agree with the inexpert advice thought completely. I have even posted my own advice on boards as an alternate view point, but have only been blasted for trying to help frustrated new players take an easier route when throwing stable drivers.

This was a Great Read, Dookville! Especially for Newbies like me. I appreciate hearing that more Seasoned Players have gone through the same stuff I (and ALL Newbies to DG) am going through and Prevailed.Hearing that one day I may actually throw my Destroyer More than 100ft onto its side is good to hear, and promotes Optimism in us Newbs that may otherwise get discouraged.


I myself cannot throw an overstable disc yet, but I also find that the Very Understable discs are already turning on me (like the Stingray). Nice to hear that y'all went through it too....Thanks for the Post.

I loved another round of aiming right to fade left.  That's how I started as well. I was a backhand Ultimate player and could not figure out what was going on.  I taught myself an adapted technique and played that way for over a year before I met a disc golfer that helped me out.  It's pretty awesome to gain 75' in one day because of good advice.  I've torn down my throwing motion twice in the past four years to get through plateaus, it is a frustrating process, but it can be very rewarding.

I played baseball as a pitcher through to my freshman year in college before hangin em up and getting a job. I have a feel for developing leverage in a throw, but I'm 44 now, I don't wan't to blow things out that I might want later.  I play with my head, when ever I can get easy distance with understable discs, I take it. If I'm into a headwind, I'll pull out the Boss. If I can air bounce a mid for the distance, I'll do it to take the tight line.


All the while I am trying to increase distance, armspeed, staying relaxed, losing weight, increasing indurance, and most of all, Having Fun. Rarely do I play when I don't have one or both of my daughters along.



Just got asked by a guy here at work if he could start playing with me on my daily round. He's a pretty athletic guy that has gotten out of shape and wants to start getting more active. I'm gonna run him through the program and see how fast we can get him up to speed.

Hey Mike,


           You were a pitcher in Baseball.  Do you throw side arm?  I can throw either way but I prefer the forehand or sidearm throw for my distance.  Also, I can see better to where I want to aim.  With the backhand, I tend to take my eyes off my path.  Being a pitcher for so long, you should be able to kick some big "D".  It should be more natural for you versus a backhand which is totally different than the Forehand.

          For me, I have a really hard time doing the different throws to make or force a disk to move right to left.  I do not throw a Roc, but I throw a Buzz (which is Discraft's workhorse).  For example.  My favorite disc is the NUKE.  If I throw backhand, it fades left.  When I want the disc to go to the right, I flick it or forehand the disc.  When I want to go straight, I throw the Buzz.

       Thank you for letting me sharing my experience and how I adapted.

I find that when I throw forehand I impart too much rotation downward on my disc and it wobbles before it catches the smooth part of the flight. I have about 250-275' of distance forehand, which is usable when I need it, but wish I was better at it. I have the same problems with thumbers and tomahawks, I still have muscle memory left over from hardball after all these years.


I throw the Roc because its a really nice reliable mold and is great grass grabber for me. I prefer the Lat 64 Opto Pain for most of my mid shots. The Buzzz is a little flippy for me, I know its a mental thing, and has to do with the rim, but I don't carry it most of the time. I haven't tried the Nuke yet, but it's on my radar.


Keep huckin em DD.

I have heard the term "Flippy" by several people.  But I have never asked the question.

"What the hell is Flippy in Disc Golf terms ?"

Understable.  A tendency to turn over.  For RHBH thrower, disc turns right.


Often applied to a disc that has broken in and no longer flies like it did or like you want it to....or maybe one that has broken in to a new use.


(At least, that's the way the word's used around here.  Others may differ, since there's no "official" definition).

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