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Ok, this one is going to chap a lot of people, but if we can have a civil discussuion and just present the facts we can get through it. I really want to know, so don't think I'm just being an idiot, although I will be playing the antagonist in this disccission.


Here it is: Why is it that so many people recommend to new players that they use Putters and Mids to learn with? We have all heard some form of the statement, "Go learn to throw your putter 300 feet and then you'll understand how to throw", or some varieant on this.


I call BULLSH*T!

I think what you'll learn is how to throw your putter 300 feet.


I think a more well rounded approach to the game, learning to throw all discs and understanding the numbers and controlling your plastic purchases is a better way to go. Learning the different grips, reach back, runup, keeping things flat and straight is a better approach.



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this is hilarious. By reading this thread "All day Corey" will be convinced that he is wrong? This threads purpose may have been to show that mids and putters aren't the best way to learn, but this isn't the outcome. There are hardly any points supporting your thesis and dozens of posts supporting the contrary. Tons of people have pointed out that you "know-it-alls" really don't know anything. Your wisdom is not much different than a new disc golfer trying to figure out how they can improve.

Nate your my hero!!! Thank you for stating the obvious. By the way I now your buddy Nate Harris. He used to live up there where your at. Any way back to the discussion. I'm  going to have to stop trying teach people to fish. I'll just give them a fish. "Here you go buddy." "What your disc didn't go where you wanted it to?" "That's another stroke." Talk is cheap and actions speak greater than words. Results are everything. I'm not content  with mediocracy. No person that does anything in life should be. I tried to shed some light on the subject but the school of hard knocks is always the most efficient way of shifting a persons perception. Good luck.

rad. thank you. the other nasty is hella cool and a friend of mine. see you on the greens 

No worries man. I'm trying to get him to check out this sight. should be cool. I'll send you a friend request.

It doesn't matter what tons of people think when the "know-it-alls" are right, thats why they are called "know-it-alls".


When maybe the best teacher/ambassador (Mark Ellis)  that the sport currently has to offer comes on and explains why he teaches a complete approach, people should listen. When he goes on to explain that he doesn't know of any top pros that took up disc golf from a mids/putters only approach, he's probably right.


I never claimed to know it all, I just called "BS" on the whole mids and putters only approach.


The term know it all is not a term of endearment. It's sarcasm. I think I'll  give Barsby a call and see what he thinks. I should hit up Nate and Valory,they should have anwsers. This of course is also sarcasm. BASIC DISC FUNDAMENTALES. THROW SLOW NEUTRAL DISC. SLOW DISC MAKES FLAWS IN THROWING TECHNIQUE MORE APPEARENT. CORRECT FLAWS. NOW THROW BETTER. MOVE UP TO FASTER DISC. REPEAT PROCESS. Otherwise known as practice. NOW THROW WELL. Practice, Practice, Practice. NOW THROW GREAT. IF PRACTICE PUTT TOO, MIGHT GO SOME WHERE WITH WHAT YOU "KNOW". Who the hell cares what disc you throw on what hole. your game is not their game. THE END.   

Shouting in print is impressive, but it doesn't make you right. You can call whomever you like, I do believe Mr. Ellis already said that he doesn't know of any top pros that started that way.


With your methodology you would be starting over and over and over, and you'd get so frickin bored in the begining you'd quit. That jump from mids to drivers is going to be a killer too, the grip and feel is so different. Also you've been used to thin rimmed discs and putting lots of air under them to get them out there, andthn when you do that on a driver, ugly ugly ugly.


Do you throw a driver yet?

It seems like, to me anyway, that ALL the Disc Golf sites with Forums are Brewing more and more with those that have the "Right Answer". No One is 100% Correct. I am NOT telling anyone what is Correct, only what I have learned and what has worked for Me Personally. Some people just want to post to stir up Doo-Doo because it's the Internet and they can do that. Fine by me. I Propose a Solution. Let's all meet up by Region for a Putters and Mids vs. Drivers Tourney. People that can Drive 300+ feet with their putters and mids will be on one team by region, those of us with noodley arms and have to use drivers will be on another team by region. Regional Teams that bring in the lowest score for the particular side of the debate will settle the debate once and for all. After that point, which ever side of the Debate that Won the Tourney will be the STRICT RULE FOR ALL OF US when giving advice to Newbies on ANY Disc Golf related website. Any other advice given that does not follow the STRICT Guidelines of the Winning side of the debate will constitute Disc Golf TREASON, and will be Punishable by Hanging, stoning, and/or firing squad at the Closest disc golf course to the said offense, in front of other disc golfers. 

Carry On..... :)  :)  :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I'm Joking, BTW. ;)

Uuuuhhmmm Jeff, You might want to remove stoning. The majority of disc golfers will throw the match so they could get "stoned" to death. How about electricution instead. Sorry for the profiling, but I've been playing long enough to stop worring about there being a skunk in the woods :)

totally true, sometimes even in the middle of a tournament

Lol! I didn't think that one out very well.... :)

After having read this entire thing, I feel compelled to chime in my two cents. I did not learn to throw only using mids and putters. I might be able to really crank a putter out to about 250' but why would I want to? That's what I have fairway plastic for. I know that I have much better results throwing to my capabilities. I throw a putter from about 180' and in, a mid from 180' to 230', fairway plastic from 230'- 280' and drivers for anything further. I don't have a big arm, I can't throw 400' (wish I could) but I can't so I don't try. 350 is as good as it gets, 300'- 325 is more likely. My point is I've learned to throw to my strengths, and to pick the right disc for the conditions,lie,shot shape, etc...


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