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Ok, this one is going to chap a lot of people, but if we can have a civil discussuion and just present the facts we can get through it. I really want to know, so don't think I'm just being an idiot, although I will be playing the antagonist in this disccission.


Here it is: Why is it that so many people recommend to new players that they use Putters and Mids to learn with? We have all heard some form of the statement, "Go learn to throw your putter 300 feet and then you'll understand how to throw", or some varieant on this.


I call BULLSH*T!

I think what you'll learn is how to throw your putter 300 feet.


I think a more well rounded approach to the game, learning to throw all discs and understanding the numbers and controlling your plastic purchases is a better way to go. Learning the different grips, reach back, runup, keeping things flat and straight is a better approach.



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other than that, i am rite on the money. ;) 100% right

great discussion 

"play open at worlds" -DO, never seizes to have cool thangs to say

plp. What do you know, Mark Ellis? ;)

Shenanigans. Primitive is throwing a rock. Discs are a wing. When you throw a disc, you are manipulating flight. Do you mean disc golf is still in its infancy? 

just try out different discs and see what works for you. start out understable and work up to stable discs as you gain power and control. it doesnt matter wether you start with a dart,roc,shark,leopard,viper,destroyer etc. personally i believe the best thing you can do when starting out is listen, ask questions and pay attention to the ways different discs fly its all about finding what works for each person. what works for others wont always work for you.

yes, it's new- disc golf is in an aboriginal state

Throwing mids and putters are a great way to learn angle, speed, and torque control. The best way is learning to throw an ultimate disc.

Discing down actually does help your distance game. You learn what you have to do to throw a slower disc farther which in turn enables you to throw a faster disc farther with much more control. You will be able to play in the windy conditions better. Different elevations will not be a problem. Playing in tournaments better will not be as stressfull. All in all you'll be a better player than you were. That is the ultimate goal. Throw in open fields with no obsticles or targets. As you learn the disc your throwing start adding targets to hone in your accuracy. Throw different shots with the same disc. Putters and Mids are the best to learn first. You'll begin to notice that the learning curve for yourself of new discs is alot less. This makes practice more efficient.              

Thats only a rumor....read the whole thread.

No it isn't....read the whole thread.

ummm no discing down doesnt help distance at all. you throw an aviar dead balls flat with no wind it will go straight and maybe fade a little bit but if you throw a firebird the same exact way it might fly 100 foot further than the aviar if your lucky. if you learn to throw a putter 300 ft then turn around and throw a roc the same way then youll be lucky to throw the roc accurately. at some point in your game you have to learn to throw drivers mids and putters, drivers are the hardest to learn to control so if you start with drivers and learn them well then mids and putters are a cake walk if you learn not to just throw them balls to the wall all the time. first learn how to reach the basket then work on short game.

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