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The roller is probably the easiest shot to throw in my bag. I'm aiming at the ground so I figured how hard could that be. Gravity does half the work for me already. I roll everything in my bag because they all fly different in the air. I figured it should be no different when working on the ground. I went out to the field with 50 + discs. I got to know their flight characteristics before I started rolling them. As I started to roll them I found that if I had a consistent release on relatively the same line they would roll how they flew. I now roll my Firebird Forehand and for easy Backhand cut rollers. My CE Leopards are the core of my control rollers. The Teebirds and Eagles go a little further and faster than Leopards. The 2nd Run CE Valkyries are by far the fastest/sharpest discs ever made for rollers. I throw them on different angles with less or more flight before they hit. In doing so they will react on the ground how I want them to.

Throwing a roller can be very easy if you lose your preconcieved ideas. What I mean is that you may think in the back of your mind that a roller is simply a harder thrown Anhyzer shot. Some players can get away with it but the best in the world throw a different shot. To set yourself up to throw a roller you need to keep your shoulders back. Bend at the knees a little more than your used to. Less at the hips so your not "over top" of the disc. This allows you to pull over the top in a more fluid motion. Getting your elbow up will allow you to follow through better. Allow your shoulder to float up and away from your body so it's not hunched up (opposite of throwing a hard hyzer). Comfortably lean back and let the driver rip over your body. How hard you throw, the timing of your release, and disc stability choice dictates where and how far it goes. Just imagine the disc as an extension of the line you set forth. Whatever line you release the disc on is how it starts it's roll.

I am writing this as a place to start a conversation to help everyone become better rollers. I have fielded a handful of emails on the subject and thought there had to be other people out there with an opinion. Does anyone make sense of what I'm trying to say? Or can you word it any differently that may help?

Andrew Rich
Team Innova
Pure Disc Golf

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I would agree that my more stable plastic does roll further. I am able to put so much more behind them to get maximum RPM. I have these 2nd Run TL Teebirds that are very flat and hard. They are way more stable than the 1st run Red CE TL's. I can get one of these to cut for about 400-450 and stand up and flip all the way 600+. Players Cup this year there were some chances to throw stupid long rollers. I missed 15 putts inside 25 feet or I would have been up there in the top 10. These rollers definitely gave me that 1/2 throw advantage on some holes. Making otherwise tough par 4's into "par 3.5". In some cases getting Eagle chances from less than 200 ft. The less stable plastic in my bag is useful when playing those long swookping fairways to the right. I throw different degrees of stability on relatively the same line. Then they flip over and finish at difference lengths from their stability degree. Less stables obviously flips faster and therefore will have less distance. This has beenmy experience anyway. I am sure with other styles you players are able to throw understable rollers very far. Gotta run I got Ravioli cookin for lunch. More to come when I can find some time. Peace
I recently went out to a local park with a couple of friends and threw stacks of drivers in every wind direction possible. I was amazed to see how consistent my RHBH rollers were considering how rarely I attempt them. I feel that they are definitely an under utilized tool in my arsenal and will try to start using them more appropriately.
Playing Bowen Park in Nanaimo BC Canada today under sunny warm conditions - I don't throw the rollers too much but no snow and hard and fast soo threw a 300' RBH roller along the trees stayed out of trouble and made a 26 footer for deuce ........ on 11 hole knew i couldn't throw it the 450 to secure a deuse so out comes the Stingray and rolled it to 20'
and made the deuce ......... made me happy i had the shot to try it ....... it allowed me to win both matches.......... good for an old guy
I went out yesterday and was concentrating on my follow thru and rollers. I had one roller that was really amazing and I could not believe how far it went and the best part was I meant to roll it. I was using a champion monarch. This was on one of the longer holes on the course i was playing and basically an open field but a valley in the middle. I threw it RHBH and that disc stood up on it's edge and just kept rolling. It went down the hill and back up and actually made it back down the other side. I continued to roll that disc off and on throughout the round with more success than not. I am going to continue practicing the roller with the monarch because so far it seems to be the best roller in my bag.
I wish I knew how to throw a roller. What disc would you recommend (discraft)? How do you do it?
Cassidy Mayne said:
I wish I knew how to throw a roller. What disc would you recommend (discraft)? How do you do it?

Understable disc, Discraft Stratus is one of them.
Don't try to throw far at first, just get the disc on it's edge spinning & rolling, and learn what the disc does. I throw rollers for my dog in the yard all the time with one of those cloth dog discs. Once you get some control with the short roller, start working on a little distance ... However, controlling the roller is the key, and more important than how far it goes.
Like the original post says ... you can roll just about any disc, and all are going to do different things. Some of the best, and easiest discs to roll are the understable molds (Stingray, Element, Stratus, Leopard, etc ...). Forehand rollers usually work better with overstable discs like the Firebird.
rollers are huge. not only do they get you out of some the strangest of places, and not only do they give you great distance on tighter fairways, i personally think they are THE most fun shot to master.

FOR BEGINNERS: learning the roller is a process of elimination. start with a flippy disc (anything flippy, it doesn't matter) and work your way up from there. as andrew stated, you must turn your body (hips and shoulders) way more than you would for a straight air shot. the easiest way to do this is to start ON THE RIGHT BACK SIDE OF THE BOX and run up at an arc (as opposed to walking straight up the pad). Learn how to aim HIGH AND LEFT and let the disc annie (or flip) DOWN AND RIGHT and land somewhere near a 45 degree angle. THEN EXPERIMENT WITH WHERE YOU WANT THE DISC TO LAND. i prefer my disc to land 50 - 80 ft out before the roll for distance rollers, closer for shorter more technical rollers.

check out my video on here: http://discgolfer.ning.com/video/1809917:Video:311292
this shot is a dog leg right, over a putting green (which is OB and backed by a bunker) and having OB behind AND right of the basket. The disc is hard to follow, by i like my technique. it's fluid and is easy to recreate. I personally use a Pro Fl for shorter rolls, which was very stable but has been beat in to all hell so it flips on the ground faster.
Then check out Bucks roller video linked to mine. there's actually quite a few good roller videos on here. notice some of the faulty techniques of some of the more amateurs. not turning your hips and shoulders requires you to work harder for accuracy. let your body and shoulders take the strain off of your arm!


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