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When I got addicted to disc golf, I was playing nearly everyday. I was in school so I would be at the course at strange times during the day, so I played a lot by myself. I was fine with that for a while until I hit an ace and had no one to cheer with... :( The more I played the more familiar faces I began to see. So by the time I was finish with school, I was playing with groups more than playing as a loner... I was just wondering which you prefer? Or are there certain times when either situation would apply?

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I like both. Groups of people are fun. Flipin' each other crap as well as back slaps for a great shot. But when I'm on the course by myself it seems a little more zen, if you will. All my thoughts, besides my current shot, fade. Daily hassels and worries gone. It's great time to just relax and at the end of a solo round I just feel a little calmer. I still feel that way in a group, but a little less.
disc golf is my best stress reliever. at those times alone is the only way to go. if i'm not in any kind of foul mood, i would rather play in a group of 3 or more. we've played in a group of 8 before and there was soo many oohs and aahhhs so a group can definately be a little more exciting
I like to go with people just for the fun times and I like to see their throws as well as my own.
I like to play with groups too, the only drawback is if one of your buddies bring someone along and they don't have courtesy or something along those lines.
I'll play in a group but most of the time if I just decide to go throw a round, I won't try to call a bunch of people for a round, I'll just head out to the course, and if no one is there, I'll throw solo.
I like both. It depends on mood and schedules. I play alone to work on shots and enjoy the quiet. I have fun playing with friends too, the joking, the positive reinforcements when you play well, just talking and interacting. I've always found that most of the people I meet on the course are friendly and will talk with you and share tips, stories and such. I look forward to my next tourney.
I hate to play alone. Too boring! Plus I need another set of eyes watching out for where my disc goes after it kicks off a tree at full tilt
i play alot by myself. thats when i try the crazy lines that i dont want to throw when im with someone because if they dont work then people just think im really bad at discgolf.

i like playing with a group better though.
I enjoy playing alone because you can throw a coupel disc and also try out new lines. Playing ina group though makes you focus and push you to get better. Both ways can make your games better in diffrent ways.
Both ways can be benificial.....more practice throws when alone....whereas hitting metal or an Ace....can be particularly fun in gang golf :)
im part of a pack. Me and two buddies, its wierd but we rarely play without each other.
Either way is fine. I prefer to play with friend(s),I currently only have one who plays on a regular basis. I've got a course less than a mile from my house so alot of the time I'll walk up there and throw some plastic, if someone meets me there great , but I'll still throw alone if needed. If I'm by myself I'll usually slip the headphones on a listen to some tunes and just enjoy myself. I'm kinda' shy so I'll usually lone wolf it rather than join up with a group of folks i don't know
because of my schedule I have been playing alone a lot lately.
the upside is It seems easier for me to join up with other groups I run into and I get to meet new people that way.

another thing I noticed is if I'm having a bad game I wish I was with my friends more often. seems harder to break my funk if I'm just out there alone.

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