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When I got addicted to disc golf, I was playing nearly everyday. I was in school so I would be at the course at strange times during the day, so I played a lot by myself. I was fine with that for a while until I hit an ace and had no one to cheer with... :( The more I played the more familiar faces I began to see. So by the time I was finish with school, I was playing with groups more than playing as a loner... I was just wondering which you prefer? Or are there certain times when either situation would apply?

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I'm a lone wolf. I don't really mind it that way either. Gives me a chance to meet up or finish a round with somebody I never knew before. I like groups for the cheering and great shot aspects. Mostly I play alone though.. .especially after a rough day at the office.
I have never played a round by myself. On rare occasions before an out-of-town tournament I have charted a course (walked the course, looked at the holes and thrown certain shots).

If there is no one to play with I will practice putting or particular shots or sometimes take a bag out to figure out one drive. One way I force myself to practice is to purposely not call anyone-just show up and practice until a person or group arrives to lure me into playing the course.

I will play with anyone at any level so long as they are actually trying to play well. The total goof offs drive me crazy. Except for drunk golf (once a year is enough) I take the game too seriously to not care. The very rigid golfers drive me crazy ,too. The ones who only play singles, starting on hole #1 with no side bets and no made up holes and nothing else funny either. ( I play a traditional round starting on hole #1 about 5% of the time).

One of the cool things that has happened in the past couple years is that players recognize me from the youtube.com videos. I guess there are just not that many old guys with white beards on the course so I stick out. So it is easy for me to pick up a game.
Not possible to play a round of Disc Golf by myself , unless I travel somewhere without telling anyone.
i start out playing by myself, but usually meet up with a group by the time im on my second round.
I'm a social person, so I generally only play disc golf in a group. Its more fun that way, and I think most people enjoy it more when they've got someone else to share the cranking drives and putts, and also the crazy things that occur on a DG course...
If trying to work on my game.....nothing beats a lone wolf round.......get to throw extra shots/ try new lines, etc.......also can really focus without distractions...... much more time efficient.....can get a better work out with a rapid pace of play.....that being said nothing is more fun than a round with some buddies, especially if you take them to school!!!
don't let him fool you, pk loves playing with himself...
glane said:
don't let him fool you, pk loves playing with himself...

that too...who doesn't...wait what are we talkin' about??/
I have a feeling this winter and summer will be a mix.
I guess in heart I'm a DG Lone Wolf, might be my age difference but after around with 20/30 something players, I'm totally BUSHED!! :( LOL, they seem to "run from tee to tee", I've wondered if I could actually play 2 rounds at tournament level as I seem really SLOW? It seems like I'm just strapping on my bag and the rest of the group is at the next tee, arrrrrrrugh!

The other thing is that I'm not into, what seems a lot of senseless "Mandos", that clubs/groups like to impose, while playing DG. Some seem like there put there just to "punish", those of us who don't have "BIG ARMS"!! :( I do enjoy playing with a couple of friends, who want to enjoy the game and not rush but mostly I'm Throw'in Plastic" all by myself or with the Mrs., (she's even slower than I am)! ;)
Since I don't know when I will be able to sneak a round of DG in, I am invariably playing Lone Wolf. Here in DFW there is not much of a climate of, "sure, come on and shoot with us".

Or maybe it's the fact that I am an old guy with a white beard that puts people off...
I enjoy playing alone, it affords me the opportunity to work on my game i.e., throwing multiple shots per hole without slowing down the group. That being said, I also enjoy playing with friends old and new. Sharing in the excitement of a good shot or receiving the customary ragging when throwing a bad shot is a great part of the game.

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