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When I first started playing, I got the usual discs people get: a putter, a mid, and a couple long distance drivers. I quickly realized that I could not throw the long distance drivers good and either shelved them, traded them, sold them or gave them away. I have been playing for a couple of years now with fairway drivers being my longest distance discs and I feel it is finally time to step back up to some long distance drivers. my question is, what would be good long distance driver pairings? I would like to have a disc that is slightly overstable and a disc that is slightly understable in the same speed, like i have with my fairway drivers (Striker and River). I was looking at a Star Wraith-Star Archon combo, because they are practically the same disc but one being slightly overstable and the other being slightly understable. I do not like really wide rims, so I think speed 11 is as fast as I will go. any suggestions for different pairings or thoughts and on the two discs I am thinking about getting? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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I have a champ monarch and a star beast that will always be in my bag... both very slow and easy to control.

Hmmmmm, With all the types of discs out there. I've always said that the tie breaker in the disc war is the plastic and right now Lat 64 makes the best out there today. Plus I find they are easier to throw day in and day out.

For my uber long discs I like the Sword (slightly overstable), Bolt ( can be hyzer flipped), and Vulcan ( can flip on you). Some others in the Bolt stability range are the Havoc and King.

As a guideline I throw around 300 to 340 ft. I add this because I've found my friends who can really throw. Find all these discs (besides the Sword) are to flippy for them.

Look, the wide rims aren't that big of a deal once you get used to them. The thing that I have noticed is that when throwing a disc with a wider rim I just have to concentrate on gripping it a little tighter. That is all.


If you don't want to go with a wider rim then there is the Star Sidewinder for understable and Star TeeBird for stable. Banshee is perfect for overstable.


If you would like to experiment with a disc that has a slightly wider rim then the Skyquest Medusa or Westside King is great for understable. Both are quite easy to throw. For more overstable there are quite a few to choose from. I would go with an Echo Star Katana. 

Archon and Wraith is a great idea. That is what I use.

Staying with the Lat64 lineup would be a great way to go. A Flow, Bolt combo would be a good progression for you. The Flow is an 11 speed driver so the rim width is not excessive. It is stable like the River and Striker. The Bolt is a 12-13 speed driver with a wider rim, but it has a shallow depth to it, easy to grip. The Bolt is also stable like the River, Striker, and Flow. As you get used to the wider rim width and start snapping them off, both these disc may be in the understable relm, but that will be long enough to get plenty of use outta these molds. Good luck.

How can you not have a Teebird in your bag? No Teebird just is not right!!!???

IMO the Archon and Wraith are nearly the same disc. The Wraith is not overstable when thrown correctly. Go more along the lines of Archon/Teerex or Avenger/Surge.

I have a Teebird in my bag don't you worry Corndawg. I also have a sidewinder Jim, it was my go-to disc off the tee for the first year or so, but after that it couldn't handle the power I was putting on it. Check out my profile page I have a list of what is currently in my bag. I am not looking for another fairway driver. I am looking for a pair of long distance drivers that compliment each other, one slightly overstable to overstable, and one slightly understable to understable. Rick and Dook, do you like the bolt better in Gold Line or Opto?

Get a Banshee! The thing with a Sidewinder is you have to throw it gently. If you use too much power it will flip. It is more of a disc that sails a long way on a line without having to kill it.

Yea it could be that it got really beat in and just started turning over way too easily too lol i don't know I still keep it in my bag but never throw it

There are definitely a few things to consider when choosing max distance drivers..... How far do u currently throw, what speed disc feels right in your hand, what plastic do u prefer, etc... I have had to throw many different discs to find the ones that work for me. Definitely ask around to see if friends will let u throw different discs. So many to choose from so just have fun trying as many as u can get your hands on. That's my two cents. :)

I like Gold Line plastic. Durable like Champ, but the feel of Star. I also noticed GL acts more like Champ plastic when it breaks in. So it breaks in to a point, then it levels off and stays at that certain break in point for some time. Unlike ESP or Star plastic.

Although they are beautiful, look out for certain colors that can be a pain to find. Like SILVER! You might as well just throw it away and save time lol!

I vote for champ orc and monarch
For a bit more arm... Boss and katana or groove

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