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When I first started playing, I got the usual discs people get: a putter, a mid, and a couple long distance drivers. I quickly realized that I could not throw the long distance drivers good and either shelved them, traded them, sold them or gave them away. I have been playing for a couple of years now with fairway drivers being my longest distance discs and I feel it is finally time to step back up to some long distance drivers. my question is, what would be good long distance driver pairings? I would like to have a disc that is slightly overstable and a disc that is slightly understable in the same speed, like i have with my fairway drivers (Striker and River). I was looking at a Star Wraith-Star Archon combo, because they are practically the same disc but one being slightly overstable and the other being slightly understable. I do not like really wide rims, so I think speed 11 is as fast as I will go. any suggestions for different pairings or thoughts and on the two discs I am thinking about getting? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Would you guys recommend lighter weights in the long distance drivers? I ask because I usually lean towards heavier for my fairways and mids but I heard long distance drivers are better in lighter weights

It is worth a try. I went to a 161 g. Vulcan because I wasn't turning my heavier weight one over.

You might consider the Orc and the Sidewinder.  If the Sidewinder is too flippy, perhaps a Beast might do the job.

Sooner or later (at least if you are competing) you will switch to wide rimmed drivers.  The old saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight applies here.

So take the plunge and get a few Nukes (Z Nukes and Z Nuke SS's as well as ESP Nukes maybe in different weights).  It will be a learning experience.  It will not instantly give you rewards.  But it will be well worth it.  You have been driving a minivan.  You will be stepping up to a race car.  Nukes are amazing.

There is a theory that the way to learn is to start with putters and only throw them.  Then gradually work in midranges, etc.  The problem with this theory is there are no examples I am aware of of great (or even good) players who did this.  All the Pros you meet on the course or in tournaments threw a variety of discs as they learned.  If eventually you need the various skills of the game why delay the process? 

Throwing high speed drivers well does not harm your ability to control putters or mids or fairway drivers.  They are much more nose sensitive (the nose is the leading edge of a disc as it flies) so if you tip it too much up or down or off axis it will go more easily off course.  Trial and error will teach you this.  When you learn the lesson you will reach holes well beyond your current reach.

I don't care how good your skills are with your current set of discs.  There are competitors who have the same skill set and have also figured out how to bomb.  Over time if they have short putts and you have long putts they will beat you.  If not in your current division then in the next one up.

I saw this guy killing a Nuke yesterday. He was my doubles partner in a casual round of doubles and he was bombing that disc. On hole #9 I mentioned that I would like to see it aced. He throws a great drive up towards the basket, someone remarks that it could go in and he turned away and didn't look while he got an ace. Awesome. He has three aces on that one disc.


I don't throw a Nuke but there are a lot of people who do. Similar discs are the Medusa and King. 

Discraft, Nuke and Nuke SS or Surge, Surge SS

Innova, Pro Wraith, Pro Katana or Archon, Vulcan 

Lat 64, Flow,Bolt or Halo, Havoc 

I like use the Flow also for a slightly overstable driver, the king is a long bomb slightly understable driver

Westside King is a good disc also

I have a Havoc in the bag as well. To me the Havoc is very similar to a Banshee. It will go very straight with some turn at the very end.

I have a pink ESP Nuke in 172g sitting in my room that I might throw back in my bag and give another chance. thanks Mark

So if I am throwing a 10 speed driver 350 ft then should I be able to throw a 13 speed driver farther?

in theory yes

I have a black Armageddon ESP Nuke and it's a bomber! IF you can find first run ESP Nuke's they are, IMO, the best!

With proper technique a faster speed disc should go farther. Yesterday I threw my King on a shot where I generally throw a Sidewinder. The two discs have similar flights so it worked well and I did get a bit more distance. In the end it does require good technique to get more distance. A disc alone will not give you more distance. I will say that the King is a very fast disc. I have noticed that when I put it on a good line it will go a very long ways. It is rated at 14 speed.

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