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i've been playing a lot of open courses, and my game is more geared toward long open drives with few obstacles. recently i moved to south alabama, and most of the courses are tight and wooded. what drivers do you recommend for these long straight lanes? my beat up wraith does o.k., but i am working on my accuracy with it.

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I have found that the Innova Tee Bird and the TL are good discs to use for long straight tunnel shots. It's one of the discs that I rely on the most when faced with a long and straight wooded hole.
CHAMPION EDITION LEOPARD!!!!! (out of production, along with special edition leopards and TL's)
There are some drivers that fly straight despite lower speeds and that finish with less fade than others, which can make it easier to stay on the fairway. Many experienced players swear by a CE Leopard for straight tunnel shots because the disc flys and finishes straight. I love to throw my understable CE leopard w hyzer and let it stand up and fly/finish straight.
I think that a lot of courses where a lot of trees exist are in Japan.
A lot of players use Roc.
I often use QJLS and Leopard recently.
It flies straight and falls.
It is the most difficult to fly straight and to drop.
Pro or Champion Leopard or Pro Teebird L would be my choice.
I have been working on this shot and right now it is the star Fl that is getting the job done. Try standing at the end of the tee box and pick a target in the middle when you pull back for the shot never take your eyes off the target you will sacrifice distance however you will hit your target area more often than not. It has helped me to get through a double mando that has been eating my scores up. We call it the Hydra!
mark ellis said:
The secret lies not in the disc but the shot. Any disc which flies basically straight for you is fine.

Since you have not been exposed to a steady diet of long , tight tunnels it will take practice to learn the shot. You could buy a box of new plastic and not be any closer to mastering the shot.

Find a hole which exemplifies the challenge you described and spend an hour just practicing drives on it. Return the next day and do it again. Return the next day and do it again. Within a few days you will be vastly better at the task. BTW, you will encounter this particular shot many times on many courses.

There is a hole on one of my home courses (#1 Hudson Mills Monster) which is near impossible for my drive (RHFH). I have practiced it for hours and hours, doing nothing more than unloading a bag full of drivers, picking them up and doing it again.

I like what Mark said...........
I play at Charlie Vettiner which is for the most part very wooded. I can throw almost anything I carry in my bag. It doesn't really have anything to do with what you throw as much as it does how you throw. I could throw 3 different discs from 3 different companies and still get within a 10 ft circle with all 3 discs. Still I've heard a few people say a beat up Destroyer. That is defiantly a fave of mine. If you throw it flat with a crap load of speed it usually flies pretty straight for a long distance.
Might I also recommend making a day trip to Florida to play Sunset Park if you get the chance, there are some nice open areas, tight holes, water hazards and it's scenic. Not too far from Mobile.
Champion Leopard. For longer drives Star Roadrunner or Champion Sidewinder. The Champion Monarch, Star TL and JLS work well too.

Basically you want to throw an understable disc with hyzer release. The disc should flip up and fly straight. All the above discs do not fade at lot when they slow down, so you won't end up in the woods to the left. The hyzer release helps prevent the disc from turning over early so you won't end up in the woods on the right.

If you already own a disc that turns over predictably and doesn't fade at the end, try throwing that with the hyzer release. You are not throwing a hyzer shot, but a straight shot with a hyzer release angle on the disc (the inside edge of the disc tilted down for RHBH- /).
Discette said:
If you already own a disc that turns over predictably and doesn't fade at the end, try throwing that with the hyzer release. You are not throwing a hyzer shot, but a straight shot with a hyzer release angle on the disc (the inside edge of the disc tilted down for RHBH- /).

I often find good success with this hyzer flip to straight shot as well. I've also noticed that if you happen to not flip the disc enough to get it to fly flat, it still doesn't end up very far left of where I was aiming. I'm a little mystified about this phenomenon.

I've also had good luck on low ceiling tunnel shots throwing my star TL (168g) on a very slight turnover release. It holds that line for a long way before finishing flat. It seems easier to throw low shots this way than with my mids that require a higher ceiling to go as far...or more power that usually causes error. Does anyone use this method routinely?
My local course (Richmond Hill, Asheville, NC) is pretty much all long shots through the woods. I have good success with a slightly beat in DX ROC. Nice, long straight drives with very little fade.
However, the local pros here can hit these gaps with a beat up putter! It's an amazing thing to watch. See here:
Here's another one (with a putter!) This is hole #5 at Richmond Hill, Asheville, NC & it's a long way across the valley:
another vote for the champion leopard (or very early proline leopards which were basically the same thing)- it's what schweberger uses as well- he gave me a beautiful one last time through spotsy.

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