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Who can finesse a Turn-Over shot?


I'm not talking about a big anhyzer, but rather a line that goes out straight 100ft and gradually turns over to the right. 


This is the only shot I really have trouble with.


Usually I will select my DX Wedge (3.5 / 3 / -3 / 1) for shorter turn-over shots. 

For longer turn-over shots I'll use my Star Beast (10 / 5 / -2 / 2).


This is one thing I don't think I have down all the way yet.  High Speed Turn.  

I know what it is, dont know how to predict it. (example: a disc has a predictable high speed turn)

Do you measure High Speed Turn by throwing your under-stable disc at a hyzer angle and watch it flatten out? (hyzer flip)


When is High Speed Turn needed? 

Mostly only for distance? 


Does High Speed Turn have any impact on whether or not the disc has the ability to  hyzer or anhyzer?







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I can. I use a beat champion sidewinder does the exact opposite of a new sidewinder.
I will use my beat up Star Sidewinder, I will put enough hyzer for it to turn early or to turn late. I will use this for long shots or tight wooded holes where I need it to stay to the right side of the fairway/ the hole turn right farther down the fairway.
You're actually speaking of medium to low speed turn. If you're looking to turn right (RHBH) after 100 ft An old school Shark (before retooling) works great. My Gold Line River does this for slightly longer shots and a slightly worn ESP Nuke does it at 200 feet when thrown flat. Then it goes 200 more feet.
No, high speed turn. The discs tendency to turn right at it's initial high speed. I'm wondering how others measure this and how they predict it off the tee.
Call it what you want. The discs i mentioned will work for what you want but you really have to RIP the Nuke to get it to turn over. You predict off the tee by doing it 100 times til you're confident it will do ehat you want. If you really want it to turn, try a broken in pro Katana.

Throw all of your drivers with the same angle of release, with the same snap and power.  Think of it as a set of golf irons.  Maybe by doing this you can compare and predict the turn based on what you already know about your Wedge and Beast.  I don't think you can compare and predict the flight untill YOU throw it.  Some guys can turn over a 165g sidewinder and some can turn over a 175g boss.


Don't get too caught up in the specs.  The best driver in the world is a used one.  How do you measure the Turn of a beat up magical disc??

i also have trouble with this. id like to send it out 100' or so straight, then watch it flip over. dont know how climo and feldberg do it. i just bought a 163 vulcan to try and master it. good luck
That Vulcan will do it . . . . . until it hits some trees and only down wind.
Yeah, I try not to get too caught up in the specs.

Not making it anhyzer but throwing flat, if you throw a disc hard enough the spin on the disc will make it pull right on a flat plane. This is provided you have enough snap at the hit to get the disc spinning fast enough. The disc also must have enough forward momentum to grab the air and pull itself right on plane.


Some discs automatically want to do this at lower speeds. I throw a 169gm Innova Monarch that when it was new, throwing it with a good snap, and throwing it flat would result in a flat plane turnover with a low speed fade at the end. Since the disc has seen about 100 rounds now, throwing on a hard flat spin will result in it going right on a flat plane and fading even further right with very little fade at the end. I either have to slow up the throw to get it to act normally, or I have to hyzer flip it if I am going to throw it hard.


Now being cheap, and liking to throw hard, I have religated myself to throwing a hyzer flip and letting the disc go through its normal travel of turning up flat and turning over to the right and slow speed fading to the left at the end. I could buy a new disc and start all over with the life of the disc, but I'm cheap, and I fear that my arm speed is up also and I would have to hyzer flip the new disc as anyway.


I find myself throwing increasingly overstable disc as my arm strength increases and my techniques gets better. I am getting the high speed turnover with overstable discs as well now, especially as they break in.


Throw harder, flatter, with understable discs in a lighter weight and you will see this action take place. Or....keep playing, throwing harder, with more snap at the hit and it will be a noraml occurance soon enough. Just play and have fun.


Chance are that Climo and Felberg are throwing a roc  If its 100 feet and then a finnish to the right.  There are many great midrangers out there that will fly like this.  You just have to throw it right for that to happen.  Also, those guys are not throwing brand new discs.  There is a lot to say about using a well worn disc to "finesse turnover".
i have a few flip discs i use depending on the situation.  150 avenger, monarch,vision,j open katana and now the vulcan. if i simply throw the 150 avenger as hard as i can it flips nicely and fast. the katana 166 with the same arm speed has a  smoother and somewhat less aggresive anhyzer. thanks for the advice.great topic

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