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I need some help. Iam a right hand back hand thrower. Iam looking for a disc or technice that comes back to the right. So boys and grils, please help.

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I'll name a few and leave some for others :)

Innova: Valkyrie, Road runner, Sidewinder

Gateway: Assassin, Ninja, Element

DGA... Rogue, Squall, and the Hurricane I can get to go about anyways I want it to go.

I could keep going but lets leave run for other. Remember the get a little lighter disc if your trying to flip it!

And thank for asking a good quest!

I'll be reading this post to pick up on what other players say..... and put it to use!

Quest: Scream, Backbone
teach yourself to throw forehand. It will do the exact opposite of your backhand (instead of going left at the end it will go to the right). It will take some practice, but you can have your discs go just as far with both types of throws.
Learn how to throw forehand. But also learn how to throw anhyzers with a Sidewinder or a DX TeeBird. Or some of those other discs listed.
I agree. Learn to throw forehand. It's a little hard at the start if you haven't done some similar activities that simulates the forehand motion. But, it's an absolute must on some courses/shots. I am forehand dominant, so I pretty much throw forehand as much as I can, but all my friends are backhand dominant and quite bad at forehand. I noticed a big difference in having both a backhand and a forehand to choose from and I'm pretty sure that's the reason why I usually win when we play together.

Having a forhand shot is useful in more ways than just for drives/midrange shots. It's also very useful if you find yourself ina very tight spot with no swing motion to do a backhand shot to get out. The forehand is perfect for that as you can just, literally, within a 1' spot get yourself out of trouble with a little flick of your wrist and even get some decent distance to it as well.

In my opinion, making a disc go right with a backhand throw is harder than just going for a forehand throw.
But you should learn that shot as well Jorn. Having all the tools makes for great game. I can throw an anhyzer when needed. I use the DX TeeBird. What if your forehand shot is blocked by a tree or other obstacle?
I use lighter weight leopards (160g) and valkyrie(150g).

If i release the valkyrie with a little hyzer it flys straight. if i release the disc flat it will annhyzer off to the right.

the leopard is a little slower but it holds any line i put it on
Yes, Learn to throw forehand as well as backhand anhyzers, they are not the same shot just because they turn the same way.... way different line! Having the right tool in the bag is the key!
A friend of mine does the same thing. He used a 146 gram Valkyrie which he can flip over into a nice right curve.

And, Jim: I know it probably is a good shot to have in your arsenal, but I haven't really found a use for it yet that a forehand shot can't do equally as good or better. And yes, there have been times which I've been forced to do a backhand anhyzer, but that's onlt when I have no other option, and those are very rare.
Looking for a discraft photon Z glow buzzz. Less than 100 made. Got one but want another one
Two of the best turnover discs out there today are...The River and Vision. Both by Lat. 64. Both are very predictable (as much as you can expect). What sets them apart from the rest of todays discs, is their palstic. IMO it's the best by todays standards.
For a bunch of distant runners up, there are. The Sidewinder, Roadrunner, Monarch, XS, Avenger SS. For mids, there is the Core (another Lat. 64), Glide, Comet, Panther, Wolf, Hawk (my fav.), Classic Roc (my other fav.). But as I've said. The River and Vision are, IMO, the best out there.
Now, these are what works for ME! I throw RHBH and average around 300' to 340'.
Tail wind with some left to right is the perfect place to throw a backhand anhyzer. It will sail forever on the wind. All that I'm saying is you can never have too many shots in your arsenal. I guarantee that the backhand anhyzer will go farther than a similar forehand shot with that wind. It is also the difference between throwing an understable disc versus an overstable one.
Buy a Pro Leopard. don't throw anything else except a putter of your choice. You will learn the whole game from that one disc, I promise...

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