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I'm looking for a dependable long distance drive I can throw consistently off the tee. I tried all different drivers from the Surge SS, Valkyrie, Assassin, Wraith, Avenger SS, Monarchs, and Roadrunners (For the record I’m also tried several different weights as well.). To my surprise the driver I throw the best is a 160 gram R-Boss. Problem with the R-Pro Boss is durability. After a month of use, the disc is beat to hell. I tried a Champion and a Star Boss, but no dice. I don't have the power and snap to throw the Boss in those plastics. Any one have any suggestions?

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I think Innova started doing this recently because I have an old champion wraith that I found from a year ago+ that flies much more understable than my brand new champ wraith. That brand new one though, is very overstable. Enjoyably so. Reliable into a headwind and great for long distance drives.
Try a Pro Starfire or Pro Wraith !
The New Star Valk's are Sweet !!!
Other than the Wraith, most of those are at least a little understable imo. If the boss is working, try some of the more overstable discs. These are the Discraft discs that I like, starting at moderately overstable and going up: Surge, Flash, Avenger, Pulse, Crush, Force, Flick. Some would call the Surge more overstable than a Flash, but I found my ESP Surge to be flippy. Just keep buying everything in sight, it worked for me....sort of ;).
i'd say a 160g r pro boss is pretty flippy too.

This Version of the Star Valk !!
to me it seems you are doing off axis torque.kinda like anhyzering everything.
get a teebird try to keep your disc level and keep the disc in line with your arm.
if you are doing off axis torque the teebird will "flutter".
kinda like wobbling in the air.
you should be working towards a smooth release with smooth flight, should fade to the left{with a new teebird}.
once your throw is smoother try throwing some sidewinders/valkries.
i know i am still working on my drives just hang in there for a while and give it a shot.
good luck :)
Do you throw forehand or backhand. Forehand have you ever tried a Predator?

You may also want to try a Champion Viking ! I like these for straight line drives !!
Don't know how you throw or how long, but when I need some nice controlled distance. Heck or just plain distance! I have been using a Millinnium Orion LF. I love this disc. Mind you I don't have the arm that can throw the Boss, Force, or Groove on a consistant basis. My other "long" disstance drivers are the... Wraith, Destroyer(just on the edge of my power), and the Orc. To a lesser extent I also use my Valk, Sidewinder and Vision for heavily wooded courses. I do use the Teerex as well, but mainly for strong headwinds. Some new discs that I've been breaking in and will most likely replace my Teerex and Destroyer are Latitude 64's Riot and the Blitzs. The plastic is awesome (Opto). Both of these discs have a more rounded rim. So I get a nice clean release and a good snap when the disc leaves my fingers. As of now the Vision is the only one in my bag and I am getting any were from 10 to 20 ft more distace from it. It replace my Monarch by the way. Having said all that. I think the Millinnium Orion LF will suprise you.
Someone above said something about a Discraft Crush, I have one of those and a Boss, they are VERY similar with the exception of the Crush doesn't need me to throw super hard for optimal results. A Crush just may be the ticket you are looking for in a mid 160s weight. Seriously give one of those a shot.
Mainly backhand.


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