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I'm looking for a dependable long distance drive I can throw consistently off the tee. I tried all different drivers from the Surge SS, Valkyrie, Assassin, Wraith, Avenger SS, Monarchs, and Roadrunners (For the record I’m also tried several different weights as well.). To my surprise the driver I throw the best is a 160 gram R-Boss. Problem with the R-Pro Boss is durability. After a month of use, the disc is beat to hell. I tried a Champion and a Star Boss, but no dice. I don't have the power and snap to throw the Boss in those plastics. Any one have any suggestions?

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The Groove works perfectly for me, but not for many people apparently. Honestly start looking at maybe getting some 150 class discs and throwing a few of them to see what works. If a 160 R-Pro Boss works for you then chances are lighter discs will work best.
We need more info from you. What are you looking for? Max distance driver?

Here are three shots in the dark working from that assumption (but we still need to know what you're looking for and how far you generally throw, or the problem with the discs you listed above):

ESP Surge (NOT Z plastic!)
Champion Sidewinder
I was actually going to suggest he get a mid 160s Champion Sidewinder. One of the best discs in my bag. And every new player I've said "Throw it" to loved it. It seems to work for most people.
Yep, Looking for a max distance driver. With the r-pro boss I am throwing about 300 - 325 ft. Problem with the other disc are: I can't control them and they don't go further then 250 - 275 feet.
Alright...then the speed of the Boss is working to your advantage..and if the big rim is comfortable to throw...try a low 160's Star Destroyer.
Probably a good choice...I thought about suggesting it, but I wanted more info first.
Define "can't control them." Were they too overstable or understable?
If you already done the Roadrunner and it wasn't working....the Sidewinder might be the same deal....while it might be a hair less stable then the RR....they are very close to one and other....Siderunner...Roadwinder either or....they're pretty much the same result.
I've thrown a sidewinder @ 165 and 175 and I agree with you, seemed almost like a roadrunner.
i can throw a star orc as far as anything else in my bag on most days. once it gets a little wear an orc flies dead straight. it's not listed as a disc you've tried. also check out a beast (new mold) and a pro starfire/star sl. also, which plastic was the wraith you tried? if it was champ it is the wraith x mold which quite a bit more stable than the pro or star molds. a beat in pro wraith is a long flyer too.
The Wraith was Champion plastic 167 grams. I always thought star plastic was more stable then champion.
it's not a question of plastic in this case, but star does start out more stable than champ. eventually though star breaks in more than champ ever will. what i'm talking about is the fact that the dx and champ versions of the wraith are actually a completely different mold than the pro and star versions. i don't know when they started doing this(anyone help me here if you can). the dx and champ molds are the wraith x mold and the pro and star would be the original mold(like the 06 first runs). just like the dx and star starfire are a different mold than the pro starfire and the star sl (which are the same mold under 2 different names). my point being, even a 167 champ wraith is probably going to be more stable than a max wt. pro or star wraith. and certainly with time and wear, the pro and/or the star wraith will eventually get flippy. one of the top pros in my area throws pro wraiths for most all his drives. he has several of them in his bag in different states of wear, the way most people do with rocs. they start out stable and in time they become great rollers.


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