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I just started playing a month or two ago and have fallen in love with the sport, playing 5-10 a week. The stores around here only sell Innova discs and even though I love them I want to see what else is out there. Here is what I currently use:



162 Champion Monarch - I really love this one, I can bomb it easily

167 Star Valkyrie - Still having issues with overstability, but I can throw decently



180 DX Roc - Love this as well, very dependable for all shots

167 Champion Spyder - Usually use when I need to park up next to the basket w/out risk of much movement



175 Champion Rhyno - My baby, I will not use another putter!!


I seem to have better luck with 160-165g discs, probably haven't developed enough power yet for heavier discs. From my results with the monarch, understable is probably the route I want to go. Any suggestions would be wonderful, I am not familiar with the plastic type of other manufacturers but I can figure that out easily enough. Thanks in advance =)

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i would say try a dga rouge for the monarch
a discraft tracker for the valk
a discraft buzzz for the roc
and try a discraft drone or a zone those are great mid range too

try all different kinds of putters dont settle for just the first one you try but a rhyno is a great putter
Added to my list to check out. Thanks! I used a KC-Pro Aviar before the Rhyno, I know that everyone raves about the Aviar but it didn't click with me. The first round I played with the Rhyno it just felt natural. I am always willing to try new putters, but it will take alot to convince me to replace my Rhyno.
Try a Latitude 64 Core (Opto plastic is sick)... REALLY great mid, it's straighter than a BUZZZ... very easy to throw.

Drivers... try a Millennium QJLS... very nice straight driver. It's the disc I suggest to all newbies.
It would be great if manufacturer's had "demo" days like ball golf does. This could be an expensive trial lol. Thanks for the rec's.
An avenger ss should fly in between your monarch and valk. And lat 64s vision is another one you might like to try. A buzzz is definetly somthing to have and look into another putter, somthing understable like a rattler or apx for approaches, still put with your rhino. The rattler flys striaght and is a great tool in the woods.
Just tried the Rogue and LOVED it! Guy I work with had one in his bag and took it out for a spin during lunch. Thanks again for the suggestion.
Surge SS
As far as something like the Rhyno goes...Discraft released like 2 or 3 flat top putters similar to the rhyno.

Also look at everyone's straight disc. There are many disc companies now. Look at the the new latitude disc that are out there now. I only throw discraft so that is all I know of...but I am going to pick up some Latitude here soon...plastic just looks sicks. As you start to turn disc over try others with greater stability. Also my buddy got a couple of 150g disc and those helped him immensely when he started. Look into one of those and it will help.
3 things
1: The discs work, and fly the way you throw them, if you don't like the results you need to modify your throwing style, not spend more money on discs. Once you solidify your throwing style you'll understand for a need for a specific mold (for example, you're looking for a good turn over disc, a good head wind disc, etc)
2: Innova & Discraft are the best/most consistant, then DGA & Latitude 64 - do yourself a favor and stay away from the rest
3: In my opinion, the Innova Wraith & TeeBird are 2 of the best drivers known to man (and woman) along with the Discraft Buzzz & Wasp for mid-range
Try the Latitude 64 River. Faster, glidier Leopard. It's getting great reviews.
I recommend a Stratus to anyone that doesn't have on in their bag.
sounds like you have similar experience with the aviar, then i tried the birdie and ryhno which were better, but fell in love with the Soft Banger GT.

you have great discs, fyi, you'll have plenty of success with em.

Flx Surge SS
Latitude 64 Vision- gold or opto
Soft Banger GT
Flx Buzzz

For the fun of it: My personal Fav is the predator, which you may think is too overstable for you now, but if you fight winds like i do in texas, its a must have. Also great for experimenting with Sidearm, Tomahawks, Thumbers and Scoobies. Very Versatile disc, will never ever ever ever ever leave my Bag.
I just copied this from my main page. This is essentially (give or take) what is currently in my bag. Lots of Innova discs, but some Discraft listed too.
Innova 12x KC Star Wraith (175g)
Innova 12x KC Star Wraith (167g)
Innova Champion Wraith (175g)
Innova Champion Banshee (175g)
Innova Champion Banshee (174g)
Innova Star Orc (174g)
Discraft Elite Z Flick (173g)
Discraft Elite Z Flick (175g)
Discraft Elite Z Predator (170g)
Discraft ESP Avenger (174g)
Discraft ESP Flash First Run (174g)
Discraft ESP Flash (173g)

Discraft Elite Z Buzzz (177g)
Innova Champion gummy Spider (169g)

Innova Champion Rhyno (168g)
Innova Pro Rhyno (175g)
Innova R-Pro Aviar (171g)
Vibram VP (180g)
DGA Gumbputt (171g)

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