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Today started out nice.  I was throwing relatively well, making par until the 5th tee.  On this particular course the 5th hole is a 90 degree dog leg right.  I just do happen to have the perfect disc for just such an occasion.  My 175g Champion Starfire.  My go to disc on this hole.  I reach back...x step...and let her rip.  A little harder than I wanted and pulled it a little more than normal and she was smack Dan in the middle of the woods...I thought.  I spent 45 minutes walking around the woods today trying to find my disc.  I finally admitted defeat and left the disc where it was...who know where that is.

It's a sad thing, losing a disc.  I never have actually ever lost one before.  Sure, I've thrown a bunch into the woods but I eventually found all of them.  This one I didn't catch a glimpse of after it turned the corner.  It's a sad day today.  Maybe someone will find it and call me...here's hoping,

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I'll find it for ya!

I almost lost a couple today while playing myself. I almost spent more time looking for my discs then throwing them :( The course I was at has grassland fields surrounding most of the fairways. And their aren't a lot of landmarks to pinpoint a landing zone within those fields, so you can easily lose a shot if you don't see it land, or if you have shoddy depth perception. I spent probably close to an hour total hunting for my 150 esp Flick, cuz they don't make those anymore! I almost lost my Tracker as well, but I was able to replicate the same shot enough with another disc that I found where the first one had rolled too. One rule that seems to be true most of the time is check a little bit farther than you think it went.

I remember the first time I lost a disc, not just a stock stamp one, but a nice dyed one. I must have scoured the hole I lost it on for an hour or so. I knew that if I didn't find it I sure as hell wasn't going to see it again. Had to eventually walk away without it, and of course I never got a call on it. I was pretty mad at myself for it for awhile, but I learned a couple things too. Now at some courses/holes I refuse to throw anything that isn't easily replaceable. Also what comes around goes around, in time I'm sure you'll find quite a few lost discs yourself. And sometimes they don't even have anything written on the backside :)

it always bums me out when I lose a disc hope someone calls you

Never lost a disc!!! Amazing!! 

Last time I did the same type of shot into woods, I didn't look UP!!! My disc caught in the Trees and was about 10ft up. Luckily, a guy in my group looked up and saw it....

Very nice!

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