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So question what is your rule of thumb on calling people who have put phone numbers on their disc's?

I decided to call a guy back based on his disc was in a real tough spot. I am talking you nearly need a weed whacker to clear out the brush (mine ended up there too). I did not call a guy back who's disc was laying in the fairway (a hard right from the pitch box ) on the edge of the forest not but 30 ft from the pitch box. So my rule of thumb has become if its a hard find they get a call. If they did not bother to take a few minutes to look then no call back.

What do you guys think?

Side note the one guy I called back I left a message twice saying I have your disc with no return call! Guess its mine now?

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I always call. No matter where it was. I lost a one of a kind, tie-dyed Elite Z Buzz, with a SYF with a basket in the center that a friend made for me. Actually didn't lose it, I left it. We were playing doubles and my partners tee shot bounced off the chains. We got to talking and burning on the way up the fairway and we both just walked right past it. Besides the good Kharma calling may give you, I have made a few good friends, from locals to people from a thousand miles away (Hey there Nashville John!). Feels good to get a "Hey thanks, thought I'd never see that one again", or a "Thanks, but, use it in good health". To me it's just part of the game, like picking up that a-holes beer bottle that he through in the bushes.
hey i got a bottom stamped star destroyer if you want it.
Wow I am very happy to see all the great answers on calling back! It's as well always been my understanding that if they took the time to put a number on it then they wanted it back, many times you can call and tell them you are dropping it off at the Pro shop or another place that sells disc's. Now if they did not put a number on the disc and no one is around to claim it, I would say it's your do do what ever you want.... I pass it on most of the time as I have to many disc's.

Good answers for a good Question~!
Agreed call everytime. We lost one today and 5 of us stomped around for 15min only to find out that the disc took a freak kick or roll and somehow got passed the basket in a different fairway, so you never how they get where you find them. Plus I let other players use my disc, try before buy.

Plus out Of all the disc I've found most don't have numbers, so I'm sure you will find some free plastic here and there. Those with numbers are about a 70/30 return rate, most of the time I call atleast 3 times over 3 weeks, no call back I give up. And out of all the disc I found only one has stayed in my bag, so there realy is no reason not to call back. Great call calling the other guy/gal
I call immediately on finding the disc in case they are still at the course. Last time I did that I asked the guy where he was and he asked me where I was. I said that I was at Cottonwood (Colorado Springs) and he said that he was in Iowa. Oh well.

Funny thing (or not so much) happened to a friend of mine yesterday. Somehow this kid got a hold of one of his discs. I'm not sure if he just lost it or what. Anyway, later in the round my friend spots the disc and gets it back from the kids and they had already marked out his name with Sharpie and wrote "Take this disc and die" all over the rim. I said that was so lame. It should have said, "We just stole this disc". Kids these days. They even drew all over the top of the disc. I tried to help him clean it off but the Sharpie had already stained the plastic. Maybe we should have some sort of remotely operated device that all kids must wear that shocks them when they take someone's disc.
in norway we send an sms. dont you text?
Tried texting the guy! He said he graduated and lives out of state. He said keep it. I told him he comes back in town for anything lets play a round. he obliged.
I always call, about a third of the time they said just keep it. I usually give those away to people I'll see with only 1 or 2 discs.
It could have been stuck in a tree, or a friend lost their disc, or it was stolen, or lost somewhere else not returned then left behind there. Always call.
was that my friends shanes disc? just wondering since he leaves discs about everywhere lol
Always call. I have found a few discs. One had a name, no number...sorry its mine now. Another had a number that was disconnected....sorry, mine now. But I did make the effort to return them. Just remember, we all have favorite discs, and somtimes its not just about the money of buying a new one. When I find a disc its not a big deal to me. Its just "hey cool I found a disc" But when you lose your favorite disc, it can really suck. It may be broken in just right or have a cool dye job you did yourself, and generally others dont appreciate your disc the way you do. And yeah, its not always that you lost it. Once I was on the back nine at Dretzka, and a disc fell out of my bag while I was sitting down. I got a cal a couple hours later. The guy said he found my disc on the bench on the first hole. Just remember how you would want your things back. Just common courtesy. We are all better than that! At least we should be.
Out here hardly anyone calls. So i have been writing reward if found and returned on all my discs to give even more of an incentive. then when they finally call i usually give like 2-5 bucks for finders fee.

It really sucks to lose a disc. But the days of good Karma are gone out here.

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