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I went out and played a 9 hole round today and found a Ti Buzzz just in the woods.  I looked and it had a name and phone number in it.  I called and met up with the guy and gave him his disc back.

Have you ever found a disc out on a course? Did you call and return it?

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I have found 2 discs in the last two days. Called the guys, they came and got them. :)

Got a cool call yesterday morning too. A guy called my cell and said he found my disc. I asked at which course. It sounded like he kept saying Highland. I have Never played a course called Highland and told him that. I asked where he was calling from. He said Wisconsin. I started laughing and told him I am in Washington State. I have been selling piles of my old discs on ebay and shipped a couple to Wisconsin. I guess the guy that bought it didn't write his info on the disc he bought..... Lol. Was cool to get the phone call from clear across the country though. :)

I live in Greenville, NC. Our mega church in town, Covenant, has their own course on their campus...challenging, fun, a bit rustic, and full of places to lose discs. But, the church has a 100% policy that discs must either be turned into the front desk or the number on the disc called. They have stacks of disks of people they are trying to reach...cool, that a church is taking them time to try to get up with people. 

But, their unwavering commitment to getting people their discs spreads across their course to guest players. I was playing with the pastor one day when a guy brought him a surge that, it turns out, my friend Ashley had last months prior. Ashley got his disc back that day. 

My friend Trapper lost a Wraith on hole 13...months later some kids found it...they turned it in...my friend got his disc back. 

And, Trapper and I went out to dive a stream where we lost discs...we found loads...not our's. And, oddly enough, everyone we called told us to keep the discs...including a Blizzard Katana!!!

I think we need to keep this karma rolling! 

I was out on another course when I used my Golden Retriever to help a group ahead of me get a disc out of the water...later on that day, they found me and brought back a Vibram Trak to me that I had lost in some trees and could not find...but, one of their discs knocked it out of the tree and they say my name and were like, that was the guy who helped us earlier, so they came back to find me and give me my disc. So very cool! 

ALWAYS call. Karma is a wonderful thing. I'm hoping the dirtbag that found my OOP Reaper 6 months ago loses it and my # is still on it so someone will call me.

That's really cool.  Sounds like that church's course is a little tricky with them having stacks of lost discs.

I have found thousands in the water and they throw great. It will take me years to get that karma back but oh well got some mean discs. Wish i didnt believe in karma anyhoot. Will return some in future.

David swamp thing you r just the kind of person I wish would just quit this sport and go take other peoples shit. People that don't even try to return discs are just sorry in my book.

Respect and trying to return something 'lost" with info must not of been a parental lesson in the family.It's one thing if object "lost" has no info,but to disreguard is very selfish.my 2 cents.

i like that story

amen. I was looking at a disc a couple weeks ago because the disc had a cool design made out of tape on it. Then I noticed it had my name on it-it was my glo-flex-z buzzz ($30). i was really happy about getting it back, and felt no need to reward him for his findings

i don't beleive in karma or justice, but i think very little of you. Out of the water i can understand that you would want a reward, but you are keeping them and that is totally out of line. CHANGE YOUR WAYS OR GET THE FUCK OFF THE DISC GOLF COURSE. As much as you like the discs you found, each one probably meant/means twice as much to owner as it does to you. Give them back Ass hole.

Yep, it is tricky and is still pretty rustic...the rustic part makes it easy to lose discs. 


Agreed, Nate and James! I have met the coolest people since I started playing this sport...but, I have a really hard time with people who don't try to return discs...especially if someone's contact info is on them. Case in point, Pro Player Liz Lopez found one of her discs at a store that resells used discs. Her name and number and player number were STILL on the disc. The store still bought it and then charged her to get it back. What?! Not cool...

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