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I've only heard good things about the core will it do everything a buzzz will or should I just get another buzzz!

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I would have to agree with Rescues statement here.  I own 9 Buzzz's (every plastic...except the glow) and 3 Cores.  2 Opto 1 GL.  At first I took my Buzzz out thinking the Core would replace.  It hasn't and it won't.  Now don't get me wrong it's staying in my bag.  The CORE flies like a X Buzzz.  Where I want something a little more stable.  The plastic is unbelievable though...which is why I think I was hoping it would replace my Buzzz.  But it didn't.  I just have another disc in my bag =].  Stick with what feels best....maybe buy a core a little later down the road when you have $$$$ to blow.

P.S. I also have a Roc.....Buzzz and Roc go hand in hand!
allright so i went to buy a mid yesterday. only core's at store were 168 and 167 but they had a crystal z buzzz 178 so I guess the disc gods were telling to stay with the buzzz. mako is a great straight mid anyhow.
the disc golf gods will always steer you in the right direction

only if they give him a C.E. Roc

I "pulled out" my whole life with 100% success, then two months after the wife started "the pill" she was knocked up! The moral of the story is if something is working for you don't change. It (the core) may work out but most likely it will/can only bring drastic failure.
Well I have been playing golf for 18 years and I fell in love with the Core two years ago when I was on a trip to California. I still throw Rocs also and they work great with each other. I have opto and goldline Cores and I prefer the opto myself. This plastic is near industuctible.

still the hardest working disc in my bag,for 3 yrs,and it hasnt started to flip at all,loves to be thrown hard.BUZZZ

The Buzzz is a great disc and in any of the candy plastics it lasts until you lose it.  So keep a closer eye on it next time.


Some of the responses here laud the plastic the Core comes in.  Why?  Do you mean it looks better?  What does it do better?  It is hard to imagine it flies truer.


I have had the same Z Buzzz in my bag for several years and only in the last year has it finally, finally started breaking in.  The longevity is great but it has a down side: Once it breaks in (and becomes more valuable because of it) it is very hard to replace.  I have back ups which I have been practicing with but they are no where near ready to fill the place of my broken in one.


I have been trading for beat up Z Buzzz's but again none of those are adequately seasoned.  Maybe the new Buzzz SS's will fill the bill.  I haven't tested the new Eric McCabe signature run yet.


Is the Buzzz the best midrange ever made?  I think so, especially the flat topped ones.  What impresses me is that it handles the power of the top Pros yet is still useful for a beginner.  The Buzzz is designed to fly straight so it is superb for a precise line or a tight tunnel.

It's longer, but a bit less stable than the Buzzz. It's also a forgiving disc (not to sensitive to thrower errors). To bad you can't try some of this companies discs. Their current plastic is far better than both Discraft and Innova. Plus their discs (some) are better in some aspects.

I disagree. I've tried a number of lat discs.
Comet > fuse
Striker is a flippy tb
Vision is a piece of poop
Core is a flippy buzzz

Don't get me wrong, their molds are good, just not better imo. I think players like them so much due to the shineyness of the plastic. Kinda like when you have a sweet dye and though it may not be your best flying ____, its your fav cause it looks good.
I see it with dc discs too. Crz challengers stink imo- they're sluggish with less glide. Same with z cyclones, hawks, magnets, and others. Reguardless people liked them cause they look better.

That's what lat is counting on and why there's no baseline plastic drivers.


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