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I hear all these up tight engineer types always pushing the collared shirt, no smoking, lets be just like golf agenda and Im sick of it. These are the same types that drone on and on about there player rating, the math of the game. 

Skateboarding is a perfect example of how sponsors and popularity should come to a sport. If skateboarding were to copy every move of professional roller skating or skiing where would it be now?

I dont see tony hawk sporting collared shirts on the ramp. It would be impracticle to the sport, just like ours. There is no shortage of sponsors in skateboarding and it still has a wild child image, is commonly associated with drugs and the counterculture and is free minus the equipment.

I would like disc golf to be on T.V. but no one respects an ass kisser. People will always respect you more when you do something because you love it, and not follow something else. period

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Skateboarding has a much larger demographic and there's often alot more money involved.  Also, skateboarding is a much more dynamic sport to watch so you will get random bystanders or people dial flipping to watch the tournament and therefore the sponsors' ads. 


Disc golf is a much smaller sport, most of whom are completely disinterested in tournaments and even they don't want to watch disc golf, they'd rather play.  So if you can't get the people who are already into the game to watch, how can you expect to get random folks watching.  This is the thing that kills us with the big sponsors and tv coverage.


Regular golf has a much larger following, many of whom will watch a tournament or two now and again.  Moreover, they actually have money to spend on anything that might be advertised on television or even hanging banners around the course.

Does this mean you are a low rent DISC GOLFER if you play frisbee keep it on the beach, scrub.
Been saying the same thing for years. Lets make rules so we can get on TV. Right, and hows that working out for ya, PDGA?
I love this sport and have been playing for 40 years this August. That being said, this is NOT a spectator sport. If Disc Golf were on TV up against Ice Dancing and Rhythmic Gymnastics, DG would be third in the ratings. I would rather watch seaweed grow than watch Feldberg can a 45 footer. And apparently so would everybody else.

Perhaps we can start locally.  You know, get our local players to quit wearing those collared shirts, start smoking while playing (user's choice of substance), just use a vague concept of rules, and drop the math.  Parks Departments will respect us because we're not ass-kissers and will build us top-notch facilities and quit making us second-class to other park users.  Local TV stations will send out reporters, maybe give us spots on the sports segment of the local news, maybe even do a live broadcast.


If anyone's tried this in their town and been successful, please post.

Skateboarding is entertaining.

Disc golf is participation entertainment.

Watching is for most is like watching paint dry. The general public does not have a clue nor cares.

Tony Hawk has been blessed not only with talent, drive and a keen business sense. He is successful in many endeavors.

The X-Games was the big marketing deal with skateboarding. It put skateboarding in the limelight with many other "X-games." And wow, for a few minutes you get to see some cool tricks. 

Disc golf has 3 hour rounds, unless you are into it, well you know.

The PDGA is pushing their video livestreaming on the internet now. They are literally begging for sponsors.

The top skateboarders are not drug induced people. Most eat organic, and yes train. Hmmm, so much for image.

It's all about comfort, on the board dude. And the graphics look cool, it's how the sport grew with an "image" for youth and rebellion. But it takes like anything else, skill, god given talent and lots of work and time, to compete on the 'pro' level. It does not just happen.

good replies people. I was a drug addict real bad in the early milenium. Disc golf saved my life. I was on the wrong path. Getting out in the fresh air. having something to strive for, spending my weekends camping and not locked in a house somewhere was awesome. 

I love watching disc golf on you tube, I buy dvds. It is easier to watch than golf because you can see the object move through the air. So your telling me no one watches the masters? pga championships?

I cant wait to go watch the nt in my backyard in may. last year I spotted and spectated nikko battling jeremy k, feldberg, and barsby. someone made a video of it. check out aldgc on youtube. that right there tells me that people want to watch it. you are also assuming that no one will edit down anything. the highlights and final round coverage would be enough for me

the scrub

Not saying you don't like it.

It's the general public.

People generally watch games they play--golf is a good example because people who play golf know how hard it is to draw a 5 iron 200 yards to within 15 feet of the cup--and PGA players do it with regularity. Until the general public begins playing disc golf, we won't see mainstream TV coverage.

That said, the perceived negative stereotype of our game is the biggest obstacle to reach the goals of major sponsorships, TV money and six figure purses.  I think collared shirts and no smoking is a small, yet valid step towards altering public perception. Perhaps we should be asking how skateboarding overcame thier stereotype issues.

I think this question has been posed before...why couldn't disc golf be part of the x-games?

After all, they tried kite surfing . . . . . ONCE. Booooring!


One of the big reasons that skateboarding progressed into what is is today (vs the 80s and 90s) was that us skaters had no where to shred!  We became a public nuisance, trashing curbs, rails and anything we could grind on.

 It got to the point that if the public did not provide some skateparks, and embrace skateboarding as a legitimate sport, skaters were doomed to become rebel criminals.  Parents were forced to support their childs skateboarding habit or risk loosing them to it.  When I skated, no one was gonna stop me!

 Skateboarding has come a long way because we started with nothing and progressed professionalism. 

Perhaps discgolf is not ready for professionalism. Mabye  we need to get out there and start throwing our discs at anything and everything..Public parks, campuses, hospitals, libraries, shcools, In the STREETS! 

taking the path that skateboarding took could work, but we need to piss a lot of people off first


But the streets wreck my plastic. I learned that in 1972 ;o))



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