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First off I know there is this discussion here:



Here is a link to the current course as is:



I would love to have people look over the course link and give feedback on what you like, do not like, and would like to see on the course. PLEASE give me input on what you like about courses you play, what kind of shots you like as a Rec, Am, or Pro player.


My main idea for this course is to move the actual PAD teepads to different locations to make more things come into play, lengthen ther course and add one new hole while takin out a hole. Oh course we want to keep the best interests of all skill levels as priority one and overall park safety.



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Sounds like a great course as is BTB! I loked at the pictures of the holes and while there is some wooded holes I would put in more. Sweet looking course.
i liked the lay out of the course and pin positions, the only think i have to suggest (which is my fav. of any course) is if you can manage keeping the pins balanced from teeing off with backhand and flicks, to many times i've played where 13 of 18 holes best course to the pin is by one throw and it really doesn't give a good feel of my personal game as well as the course potential, im sure it's not the easiest thing to do but just something to keep in mind when its time for a pin change
It's going to be hard for many of us to comment on this course without ever seeing it....Sounds like you got a lot going on there from the course description. I read most of the reviews...for the most part sounds like a lot of fun to play....18 relatively open.....9 in the woods...multiple tees everywhere...sounds fun.

Obviously I can't comment on course design specifics...I wouldn't have a clue. But what I would suggest is improvements like...lose or replace the rubber...think about concrete. (That sounds like a lot of concrete...lmao!!!...4 tees per on the 18....3 per on the nine...at 4 by 10 by 4 inches deep which is just shy of a half yard each .49 cu yd 99 concrete pads or for all practical purposes...50 yards....5 - 10 yard trucks...with a 10% waste factor you would need a 6th truck...half full.....at roughly $110+/_ per yard for 2500 psi w/fiber) ..well enough of that!!! 6k later and you still haven't touched on labor or form material. Signage...directional signage at that...sounds like most of the cons are about the rubber mats and lack of good signage....Directional's ...way cheaper then all that concrete.

Mando's usually mean there is some safety issue to possibly contend with....I would try to work them out of the design.....Just because there's a sign saying throw this way....doesn't always stop the casual golfer...better to take those safety issues completely out of play. Maybe more latitude to busy bike trials and ball fields.

None of this probably helps..likely things you are already aware of. But I will say that sometimes you can make a lot of difference with a little change.

Good luck
All of these are good suggestions. The course fund, nor the park has the funds for concrete pads. The biggest complaint is that pro's do not like it and people who live a bit aways do not drive to it. I do like the course but it seems like people want it to be even better. There are a few holes wher forehand shots are not the best idea but for the most part you can throw forehand on all holes with success. I throw both BH and FH around 350 and could do either one on each hole mostly.
Maybe it's case of less being more...consolidate the best of the woods with the best of the open. Think about 18 holes total....4 in the woods 14 in the open....Might mean a total redo.... Keep in mind if the course is good enough to challenge the many levels of players...a little longer walk between holes isn't that big of deal. Holes don't need to be right up each others butts. You are in the IDGC's neighborhood...seek some professional guidance...consultation from a professional designer.
If your looking for some good course design tips, find a guy on here named Tick. The guy has him own home course and has designed at least 3 other challenging and diverse courses. When I play a course I would rather have 18 challenging and diverse holes rather than have 27 holes in which you throw a similar shot. Instead of having 4 teepads per hole think about putting in just two (pro/adv) (ams) and work on your pin locations. Having two pin locations per hole allows you to move the pins as you see fit and put in a short,long or mixture of layouts.

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