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I know the Buzzz is a tremendously popular mid-range disc with a solid history.  So, now that the Mako has been out for about a year, how do people like it compared to the Buzzz?

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the mako is a little more flippy
I like the mako better. I have a max weight star mako and It isn't flippy at all. It stays super straight and even falls super straight. It will hold any line I want, but I use an aero for shorter shots that I might have used a buzz for. I just gave away my last buzz to a beginner. My mako can handle much more snap...
I just don't believe you.
well then, i will have to try a Mako. BUT it will have to be a super disc to replace my Buzzz
Yeah, that's a hard one for me to believe too. If I snap the hell out of my buzzz it will stand up and flip over but if I putt any sort of snap to the Mako it turns right over and heads towards the ground. I've been throwing Buzzz's for my standard mid-range for a long time and IMO, they are much better. The Mako (for me) is used for more of a touch shot that you want to fall straight down, not for any real distance or power.
If you enjoy the Aero, you should try a mako. I haven't fallen in love with the buzz. I grew into the sport with my roc but now days I am not a big roc guy. I always loved my aero for approach shots. The mako feels just like the aero, but it is a faster disc that is more stable. Not as stable as a new roc. It is also a great disc for getting out of trouble. I use it on holes that I need to throw a 140-260 ft straight tunnel shot on or any hole that requires a slight fade and I throw it on a hyzer angle for a nice light fade. I just love the feel of a full power pull on my mako. It is just absolutely the most reliable disc in my bag. I gave it to my buddy who couldn't throw a 170g valkrie 120ft and his first throw was 220ft and almost straight...
I use my mako as a straight to turn over driver. I can put it easily 300+. It does need a little more touch or a bit more hyzer. They do fly very straight and and fade straight. Take them both to a field and throw them. I like the mako better then the buzz and I started playing/got my first ace with a buzz.
i love my mako, it holds any line i want and does anything i want it to do, used to use a skeeter for my mid but now im all about my star mako (175g) and have yet to find anything that i would replace it with
For me the Buzzz is money! I just didn't feel as confident with the Mako. It's a bit to flippy for me.
Mako = fantastic (my opinion)
the mako is a good disc, but better then a buzzz? C'mon the buzzz is far to versitale to even be in the same sentance as a mako. mako dont like wind, can't hyzer like a buzzz can and if it touches a branch its done. I will always have a mako it is a straight flier more of a specilty disc. If I don't know what to throw it will always be a buzzz, mako only gets straight shots its pretty good on a anhzer too.
Buzzz hands down. The current run of Z's are so freakin sweet, they are all flat and are very stable like the 2nd 1st runs were . There just isnt a better disc out there. period. I have thrown the mako and wasnt very impressed. The 2 discs really arent that comparable as the buzzz is much faster and stable but I think the mako has more glide. I know innova has been tryin to make something to compete with the buzzz (yes i know how awesome the roc is but it flys completely different) but the mako isnt it.

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