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the other day I was out at the course. I threw a good shot on hole 8 at mcclure, tulsa, ok. then I decided to see what I could do with my monarch, spalsh it landed wet, so I went to retrive it it was floating in about 3 feet of water, but the water was moving and the disc was floating, so I went and threw my upshot from my first disc. and looked over and noticed a guy staring at my disc, so I headed over. now it was still moving so I was playing the waiting came, hoping it would get closer to the side, but this stranger was looking antsy. so i started trying to fish it out with a long stick. it was just a little to far. when I look up the guy is still staring, and he heads over with a rock, so I said no dont throw that my disc will sink. splash he throws it and my disc starts to sink right in the middle. I said man why did you do that. then he shrugs mutters something about sinks. and walked off. i guess he didnt speak any english. he should at least learn what no means

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wtf? Thats just too weird!
Is that 'Man, people are weird', or 'Man-people are weird'? Sorry about your disc, though. I had a floater that I almost retrieved, but my gentle (I thought) brush to bring it to shore tilted it. Sinker!
Was he a golfer? Maybe he didn't know that discs sink. If I didn't know disc golf, I would have guessed that they float...ESPECIALLY when I see one floating on the water. I'm guessing he was trying to throw it past the disc and have the waves bring it to shore. I've had that work if you're precise.

It's still a funny story. I'm just trying to make sense of it all. :-) I'm pretty sure I'd be utterly stunned if this had happened to me. I'd probably stare in the direction the stranger walked away in for like 20 mins with my mouth open.
At this point I would like to draw everyones attention to the wonderful disc retrieving device known as the Golden Retriever. If you had one you would want your disc to sink so that it would be easier to retrieve. I would bet that guy that sunk your disc came back later to see if it was still there and either used one of got himself wet.

Here is a funny story now. I was playing in a tournament and we had to throw over a pond. This one guy water skips a esp avenger. It gets to the other side with just the nose on land. The action of the water takes it out into the pond. So he sits there waiting for it to get to the other side. About 15 to 20 feet out a small wave capsized the disc and down it went. He was swearing up and down and then when I offered to get it for him (He was on my card) he is like no its not a big deal. Go Figure if it was not a big deal why you complaining about it going under.
Well heres a good one for you guys...........
This happened to one of our local players recently............

ripped off monarch

Postby martin on Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:13 pm
threw my champ monarch up for a second shot on 18 up over the rd going into the golf course

this silver pt crusier pulls up - golfer jumps out picks it up jumps back in his car and he is gone

so if anyone sees it - it is a green champ monarch my name and number is on it - 2 aces on the year with it - bleh - didn't even look down the fairway as i was yelling at him

Too bad you didn't get the plate number.
Russ, I would make a flyer, describing the car and the driver,listing a small reward for info.on this slime ball. even if you do nothing about it pesonally.it should help by first giving you options, secondly, it lets everyone(locally) know about the slimeball and third if the slimey one sees it, he will know fear!
O' believe me just about everyone around this area knows about it. I can guarantee if they ever see a Silver PT crusier at or near the course it will be bad news for the people in the car.
That happens at my home course, in a way. There's a couple of non-english speaking folk that wait all day for you to throw a disc in the water. Just so they can get it out and charge you half a pack of smokes or a few bucks. If you walk away from your stuff and not talk to them; they will sell your disc to any random sole that wants it.
I've gotten wet and waited for the dust to settle for a good view before tossing my home made "get-her-out", it's what I call it, and this non-understanding douch start throwing out his. Well, dust clouds form and can't see sh*t. After a few choice words, that his mind couldn't wrap around, I walked off mad as ****!
Luckly the next day I got a call from a guy, "the douch" sold it to and give him the few dollars back and a handshake.
Now wait a minute... you gashed a drunk lady in the face? did It cut her open? I have to hear this story.
Jordan, did you go in and get it?
yes I went in and got it out I was getting mad so I just ripped my shoes off and jumped in.

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