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I have watched the Discraft Anhyzer video over and over and over and over ad nauseum...

Does anyone know what disc Mark Ellis bear hugs?  I am sure he will see this, so next question is how long have you had that disc?

Along that line... for the rest of the dear readers:   What is the oldest disc you own?  I have an Innova Archangel that I have had for at least 5 or more years...  What is your most reliable OLD disc?  Mine is a DX Cobra (don't ask me why).  What is your "FLIP DISC"?  Mine is now, for some crazy reason, a six month old ESP Avenger SS.  Have you ever bear hugged your "FLIP DISC"?  I have not yet....  :)

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When I signed up with PDGA they sent me a disc with the PDGA logo on it. It's a Discraft Marauder. I've never thrown it, so it is perfect. I don't know the exact year, but my number is 7330. That would have been early to mid '90's I also still have the mini with my number on it that came with it. As to oldest playing disc I occasionally throw an original Cyclone from the mid '90s. Its the real deal in Cyclone plastic. I sometimes worry that I might ding it or lose it, so I don't throw it much. One of the weirdest things, that disc is at least 15 years old, but it is still one of the longest discs I own. Most reliable is probably my Z Buzzz. It's a first run edition. Someone left it sitting on top of the basket at a local course. The only mark on it was someones name that had been marked out. I hung around for a while waiting for the owner to return, but he never did. I've had the disc for over 5 years and it is still working well. Flip disc? is that the same as anhyzer? My anhyzer disk is an ArchAngel. I hugged it this morning when I drove it to within 10 feet of the basket at 240' .
I know what it used to be, before I lost it: A first run Z Tracker.

Flip discs-discs which anhyzer easily-are the easiest to lose and the hardest to replace. You always throw them around blind corners and anhyzer shots like to glide far and bury deeply.

In preparation for playing the World Championships last week I had 4 courses to learn. The first couple times through each course I took out all my first string anhyzer discs and replaced them with 3rd string backups (I wouldn't even risk the second string).

When a disc wants to get lost it can hide amazingly well. The Flip Disc from the video had been a treasured staple in the bag for years. I remember when I lost it, playing in a doubles tournament. I had a 250 foot, uphill, blind anhyzer to a basket sitting close to the rough. I knew it was risky so I asked the guys we were playing with to spot the shot. It felt good and the spotters told me it almost went in, going right over the top. We couldn't find it so we used my partner's shot. There was a backup on the next hole so the whole group spent 20 minutes looking for it. After the tournament I went back to the hole and looked and looked until dark. The next day I drove back to the course (only a couple hours trip out of my way) and looked extensively. I combed a 100 foot circle around the basket. Even though I will never get it back, just for curiosity, I sure would like to know where it went.
discs sometimes have a way of literally disappearing, and it stinks. I lost a TL and had 3 people looking for 45 minutes. Couldn't find it, went back and looked another 40, no luck. I had a DX aviar I pitched at a basket going to start a game and it ended up rolling into a little brush across a road. 5 different search attempts (because it is an easy spot to look over real quick) one of them an hour and the others 20 min, sometimes with 5 people... and the first, saddest loss of all was a Teerex into a tree at a hole with only 3 trees and no leaves. We did not see it come down but it was far enough that we didn't see where it stuck, and trust me it didn't come out. Searched for 20 min with 4 guys and two of them climbed into the two side trees.

Discs have a way of going into that 4th dimension with left socks and children's teeth.

Fav Anny/flip Disc - non, I'm ambidextrous and have pretty equal left and right Backhand shots :D
Oldest - KC Pro Roc, not sure how long I've had it but I've only played a couple of years. Would HATE to loose it. It also happens to be my oldest best disc, KC Rocs rule and this one taught me to drive well. So I love her.
I bear hugged my favorite Pro Valk after recovering it on hole 3 of the Toboggan last June. The darn thing decided to flip a little too much ending up in the roughest of rough. After 25 min and searching I was about to do a flip after recovering it. As for old ones, Ive got a dx valk and a JLS driver that has been following me around for the last 6-7 years, I lost my 9 year old gator (my last original disc) this summer at my local coarse. That was a sad day.
my oldest disc is my old pro rhyno and i have 2 flip discs,a 167 star beast and a 176 z glide
I had a several year old Star SL with an ace on it flip a little too much on the practice field. It cleared 2 baseball batting cages and I lost sight of it. I looked in the hedge behind the cages for hours... also looked over the fence behind the hedge. No dice. 3 months later I threw a practice roller that embedded in the same hedge. Went to look for it and found the SL that had apparently flown 50' farther than I thought before sticking in the hedge 3 months earlier.

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