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Out west we California golfers only circle birdies when we mark our scorecards. No boxes on bogies.

I played yesterday in a group where one of the players was boxing bogies. This causes confusion with our system because we can mistake them for birdies.

How does everyone else mark their cards?

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Circles are used to denote penalty strokes. So you throw OB and get a bogey, you mark a circle 4. Three OBs and three circles with a score of 8 results in a snowman in a bullseye. I don't use squares. Squares are for squares man!
We don't mark anything on the score cards for bogies or birds. We mark a score with a circle around it if any OB strokes were added or we'll mark the number with a "P" after it to denote the score with penalty strokes.
Circles are for penalty strokes (OB and water)
In real golf, circles denote birdies and squares are bogies--double squares are double bogies and so forth. As with most everything else in our variation of the game, golf precedents are the norm until we decide we must be 'unique' in our approach, which usually happens out of contempt.
Is this fake Golf? I just call it disc golf.... but that's just me.
In ball golf that is how they do it. But we are disc golf damnit! None of this really matters in the end as long as the card is correct.
Just keep it simple and make sure each players score is correct before turning the score card in.
I think keeping it simple is the idea behind circle 2's only. It does make it easy to score.
All I've seen is circles for birdies, boxes fer bogies and triangles for eagles. GO TRIANGLES!
Circle for birds and a "P" next to the # if there was a penalty. Never did squares? What more do you need?
That's me, I just put the number. So if you are using the circle and boxes to keep it simple are you not counting total numbers? Seems like if you have to count anyways the rest dont matter all that much. But again, maybe that's just me.
we use par 3's as the base which is 54 throws for 18 holes. When totaling up the score you simply go through and add up any bogies (scores other 3 that don't have circles) then go back through and subtract the circled birdies. This gives you a certain number of throws above or below 54. Then you add or subtract that number from 54.


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