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OK, so I am really curious how other disc golfers mark their discs in case they lose it.  Up until now, I have written my name and number on the inside of the rim where I would normally grip with the tips/pads of my fingers.  That way minimal ink.
I have recently become a PDGA member and thought about adding my PDGA # as well, but I certainly don't need name, phone number, and PDGA # on the disc. 
Are there some out there who only mark their discs with their PDGA #? 
How do you all do it?

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I enjoy looking for lost disc. I guess it the hunter in me mixed with the disc golfer. I try to return all disc that I find with a name on them. I will take all of the marked discs to the next tourament and lay them out on a table on the ground so that if it is your disc you can take it. I don't collect a finders fee. If the disc is not claimed after the tourament, I will call if there is a phone number on the disc. If there is just a PDGA number, I don't have a way to look up a number to call. Sorry about that. Just because the discs that I lost haven't been returned to me, isn't a reason to keep someone else's disc. Do the right thing. And yes I will call some of local club member I know when I find their disc and razz them about donating a disc to me, but they alway get their disc back.
I put my logo, and my phone #, but so far I've not lost any discs in over 2 years.
To look up PDGA number: go to PDGA.com and put cursor over "Membership". Member Search will be one of the options from the drop down menu. The member search works by last name or PDGA number and you do not need to be a current PDGA member to get the information.
You forgot blood type and religion.
I just put my nickname "Mad Dog" on the bottom of the disc along with a quote like "Get chains" or "I'm going to eat you up". Makes life a little more interesting and if people want to get the disc back to me they will. The phone number thing has never really worked for me so I gave up on that. Last year I lost a KC Pro TeeBird that I had for probabaly eight years. I was pretty bummed out at first and even posted a sign to try and get it back. I guess that I was just a little too attached to that plastic because now I have a Star TeeBird and I love it. Also losing the old disc caused me to go out and buy some Quest plastic and now I use that a lot. I only play local though, so if you play tourneys, then I guess probably name and number.
I used to write my name and number in the rim but I also noticed that the marking would wear off faster in those spots due to finger placement and cleaning the disc with my towel and whatnot. I mark right in the center of the back side of the disc with a nautical star in the middle with my name and number going around it in a circle. Sharpie ink won't effect the flight of a disc, use it and make sure lost ones get returned. I found that i get discs back more often since other people i play with also recognize my mark and will grab it for me if they see another player with it.
Maybe I am missing somthing, that give me their name and PDGA number, but no contact information.
That is correct. You only get a name, PDGA number and home city/state. No contact info.
I tracre my schwazoo on the top with a message if you want to meet the legend call then my phone num. I thought it would be just funny since nobody ever called when I left pdga# anyway. To my suprise I have three disc that have been returned now ( all dudes) and I dont think ill ever change back
I write name, phone, and PDGA# in large black marker. Both so it is easy to see and also so it is easy for me to see if someone has one of my discs. I found more than one, both mine and other players in others bags because of markings. Not to many kids return discs, these are the ones who keep the found goods. I say write it large and easy to read, can't go wrong that way.
I have found about 24 disc this year. I have a retriever and when I play by myself I look in our local pond for them. 4 had names and returned all 4 no problem. I would be more than glad to return them. It amazes me how so many people put no identification. I have been returned about 4 disc since I have been playing. I know people have found at least 10 of my about 25 disc that were lost.
Thank you. I thought I was right, that a PDGA number only, doesn't give you any way to contact someone for a disc you found. Not that I haven't tried anyway.

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