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OK, so I am really curious how other disc golfers mark their discs in case they lose it.  Up until now, I have written my name and number on the inside of the rim where I would normally grip with the tips/pads of my fingers.  That way minimal ink.
I have recently become a PDGA member and thought about adding my PDGA # as well, but I certainly don't need name, phone number, and PDGA # on the disc. 
Are there some out there who only mark their discs with their PDGA #? 
How do you all do it?

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Is it unique? If it is a one-of-a-kind then legal for sure. (J-Bird will love this ruling).

If there are lots of identical dyed discs then how can you tell them apart, lying side-by-side?
Thanks mark
i use an extremely bold marking.
has name , phone, and pdga #
most of my lost plastic comes back.
partly due to the fact that i attempt to return all found plastic myself.
its all about being kind to one another.
how would i feel if i was found throwing another players disc?
now i know that not everybody has a conscience that makes them feel badly for throwing a disc they found afterall they found it and there is no perceived benefit for trying to return it.
you know the old attage finders keepers.
Kudos to you! I am the same way when finding a disc. In my experience, karma never fails to prove itself.

I wish we had a pro shop locally where we could leave found discs. There is a PIAS and lots of used discs end up in their bin, but they do not follow a policy of contacting the name and number on the disc. Obviously, neither did the finder when they brought it in to PIAS to get that $1 or $2.

I too, have tried to find better ways of putting my contact information on my discs. I've only been playing two years, but as my disc collection has grown, I look at many of them now - especially the unique, pretty champion discs - and wonder why I plastered my contact information all over the underside of the flight plate.

I recently began to write my name and cell number on the inner side of the rim. That way, not so harsh on the beauty of the disc itself, less intrusive and cleaner looking.
Yeah, I think that is a wise decision and something I will be doing in the future. Name, number and PDGA #. I have also run into a situation where I came across another disc golfer playing with my disc. Pretty hard for them to claim it as their own when my information is on it. At least he was apologetic for not having called me about it.

I continue to be amazed at how many brand new, or almost new, discs I will find on the course that are not marked with contact information. I don't know what's going through a guys head to buy a brand new disc and take it out to a densely forested course and throw it.

My count thus far for 2010 is four...(all brand new looking)

Blue swirly Star Beast
Fly Dye Champion Leopard
Two-tone Blue/Purple Champion Wraith
Blue R-Pro Boss

I have posted on the local clubs forums and keep them in my car just in case.
Name, number, pdga#

I've only had one phone call and a disc returned in about the 30+ discs I've lost, I think that is bull$%@&. I guess the thiefs needed it more than I, no respect.
i do all 3. too many non-pdga members out there don't even know what it is, and they aren't about to go to the pdga site to figure out who you are.
why the over complication of a simple issue?

last name, phone # (with area code)

Why have your PDGA # on it? Would it really help in getting your disc returned to you?

I'd love to see a scientific study on how often a disc is returned based on the PDGA #--my non-scientific guess is less than 1% of the time...
Follow suggestions from other commentors.
In the end...please use brightly colored discs. Easier to spot in snow or leafy green surroundings. Less chance of loss, unless you toss it out in a lake or deep river. Other than that it's a 60-40 chance of return with a marked disk. Lastly...how bout your email address as an I.D. as well.
Good call Mark.
I do not like tie dyed discs. Not good for my eyesight. I had a Pro Cheetah which was a tie dyed. I had to dye it orange to be able to locate it. So...tie dyed is out. Bright orange and pink are in.
I use my name and PDGA number.

Several times now I have witnessed a player who lost a disc and received a phone call by a stranger who mocked them. The last one asked him why would you put your number on a disc, as if only a sucker would return it! He then laughed and hung up.

I realize that most of time this doesn't happen, however for the first 5 years I played I had so few returns that I stopped writing my phone number on it. Most disc were returned to me because the DG community, not the casual player.

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