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I was wondering if your allowed to mark the ground infront of you before you throw an example is.

We played this hole where it shoots up hill then plays flat and you cant see the basket so one of the players marked out where the basket was or where he wanted to throw by laying down a dead branch at the top of the hill so he knew where he wanted to throw it.

Is this allowed?

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If he put the dead branch down before the round, then I would think that it would be allowable. If it was done after the round started, I would be inclined to think that it was not allowable, since it was between the mark and the target. The spirit of the rule is to leave the space between you and the target the same as it was when you landed at your current mark. Leave it the same usually means not removing something, but it could also mean adding something as well. What if I wanted to throw a roller, and there was one bad spot that a roller could get stuck in, and I had the time to fill in that spot before I threw. Would that be allowable? In essence, I "moved" the void that was in the ground, so that would not be allowable.
David sorry not trying to be mean it just seemed we were attempting to answer one thing and it ended up being something else. Sorry if i upset you. And yes you are right it still is a good question.
I wouldn't do it for all the valid reasons already posted....but most important...it's gaming. Gaming is something I don't think the PDGA addresses. In my other sport I compete in, Gaming is a bigtime, no warning DQ..able offense. You are, in a sense, purposely circumventing the rules...or finding the loophole in the same...for the clear advantage over the other players....not cool, IMHO.
Mark Stephens said:
Or watched Geoff Bennett putt??? LOL LOL

William Gilbert said:
Come on now we aren't talking about the 30 second rule here. Valid and true it be.

That is one of those rules that drives me crazy, ever watched a PRO in a bad lie? 30 seconds pleaze!

I've downed a cold one in the time it takes him to throw.....no $#!t....LOL!!!
similar question...

what if the tee you are about to throw from is just inside the treeline and you are throwing out of the trees towards the basket. could you walk out of the grove, place a small flag in the ground to notify you of the current wind condition, and walk back to the tee and throw? would this be legal? i guess perhaps it falls into the category of between the target and your lie. what if you did it before the round? legal? unsportsmanlike?
If we're talking about your home course ask the club/td to get flags for the baskets...use them during tournaments...or get some safety tape and tie 'streamers' in a few key locations.

If you're attending a tournament somewhere else...call in advance and ask about flags or streamers...if the TD says... "No, we don't have them" ...offer to tie some before the rounds and remove them after.

During a tournament...running out to place a flag before you tee or throw would likely not fly to well with some.

If you and your buddies are just out visiting other courses...playing for kicks and grins...by all means, run out to plant a flag or tie a streamer..if the others are ok with that. Just remember to 'Pack it In - Pack it Out'
holy crap. The game also involves pre-game preperation. Knowing your course. Not marking ahead of time. Come on. Thats actually redicoulous. Have you noticed most pros play around or walk and visualize the course before an event, to see where the baskets are, to make decisions about their gameplan, not to mark thing out. I would say it was illegal. And kind of chicken$h!%.


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