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It irritates me the way certain individuals use the front page for hundreds of tournament "snap-shots". Don't they have a video cam? Or...can't you put all those photo's on your own page as a slide show presentation? I feel the photo's section of the Media drop down window...should be for personal and interesting photos...not frozen disc golfer tournament snap-shots. Very boring indeed.

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OH, that's you....Sorry.
Here is a link to Facebook.
Warning: They do not have a cheesy points system.
Laugh Out Loud!
(I think I insulted a GOD)
i think you guys are forgeting DGRUS's #1 rule.
O boy, you think this isnt a spectator sport, I have friends that are confined to wheelchairs , They take pictures and we love them for it. Please be aware of the other people on this site and in OUR sport.
Only if he is wearing something with his name on it...so it pertains to this site and topic of Disc Golf.
The internet is massive, if you want to do dogs...try Google: Doggy.
You can even start your own "Doggies'R'Us" Social Site HERE on this NING network.
(It may have already been done. I love dogs and cats.)
Our cat was named "Cheetah" after the disc and because he had stripes.
If I find a picture of him with a mini in his mouth or laying in a pile of discs. BAM.
Otherwise I will not show you the close ups of him trying to lick the camera. I put those on Facebook!
Lets just say that this social site has a Theme. The Theme is Disc Golf, now stick to the Theme.
Whatever !!!!
sorry was just being a smartass,i like taking pics and videos of my friends playing and then sharing them with other discgolfers in other parts of the world.i know i like seeing courses from other states and as far as dog pics are concerned bring them on i started playing discgolf as a way to get my dog exercise and she is still my favorite golf partner.
Gr8 Reply...
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Here is a link for you, so what.....ev.....er......dude! lol
why censor what folks post??? This is a site with "Their" pages so they should be able to add their own pages. You dont have to look at them if you choose not to, but that's it, its a choice. I am going to add some pictures now, from a tournanment, for me and my froends.. Please turn your head if these bother you.
You look at the photos?
There is no censorship, we are asking that you stick to a theme.
This is a themed social site. There are other social sites that are "Open".
Such as Facebook or Myspace.
Your pictures qualify for the theme.
Load as many as you possibly have time and energy for.
I Thank you, I come here to enjoy Disc Golf and have enjoyed your Themed pics.
Who's we??? ..you got a mouse in your pocket?
Okay, I'm experimenting.

For a little bit, the front page will only show the "most popular" images. I have no idea how the computer figures that out, but it should be interesting to see the flurry of related activity.

My own opinion. BTW, is that if a poster thinks it's about disc golf, then it is. (Bearing in mind our guidelines.)

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