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It irritates me the way certain individuals use the front page for hundreds of tournament "snap-shots". Don't they have a video cam? Or...can't you put all those photo's on your own page as a slide show presentation? I feel the photo's section of the Media drop down window...should be for personal and interesting photos...not frozen disc golfer tournament snap-shots. Very boring indeed.

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It probably depends on how fast one computer is to another or whether or not it is morning afternoon or evening etc. But honestly...I do not know what the record is. I'm sure if you "time" one picture to upload...and mention the time it took...that would be the record. Until someone broke it of course.
But honestly...I did not realize there would be four pages of comments on my "rant" discussion. I guess I got some attention from the Master administrator as well.
Again thanks for your input.
WHATEVER whatever!
Ken, you're not usually the type of guy to rant out negative things on this site! I can understand a pet peeve though, even though this is not one of mine.
You might have been able to have a bigger impact by focusing on something positive, like you usually do. Hopefully this thread will fix or at least improve the excess photo posting, but the Ken Long I know is an overall happy, funny, highly valuable guy to the sport of disc golf. How about a follow up thread on how bad @$$ (that means good; like sick, tits, etc.) something on this site is?
Yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwn !!!!

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I'm cool with people loading hundreds/thousands of photos on to the site if they pertain to disc golf. Stuff like "isn't this woman hot?" or pictures of people's car though? Not so much.

My bigger concern related to photos is people's general lack of understanding with how to upload images on to a site such as this. 99.999999% of participants don't need to see huge pictures that are of high enough quality that you could print at 300 dpi! Huge/fat/bloated image file sizes are like bad cholesterol in a web site's veins. Site will work okay for a time (but work poorly for people with poor connection speeds), but one day...and that day will inevitably come, when said site crams one too many Big Mac and large fries down its pie-hole...and a heart attack ensues.

If you are reading this page right now, your browser is loading (at least) 72 images...ranging from less than 1 KB to 576 KB in size. Over a megabyte of imagery. Ridiculous! Here's an example of an image that is loading with the page that isn't even visible on my screen:

Unoptimized Banner Ad
157x45 pixel optimized banner ad - 576 KB

Optimized Banner Ad
157x45 pixel banner ad - 1.43 KB

Same image on-screen. One doesn't needlessly consume over 1 MB of bandwidth every two times it is viewed. ;-)

Not saying to stop posting images! Just try and think about if the image is being loaded into the site a lot larger (dimensions and/or file size) than it needs to be.
Just have to say it...................While some of you sit on here crying about pictures, there are people all over the world starving to death. Or Focus on disc golf, spend your time getting the sport some major sponsors. My point is you sit on the computer and cry about pictures. It is the year 2009, we are in the digital age and it is easier than ever to take and post pictures, Deal with it!!!! Spend the time you are wasting crying about something that will never change on something constructive!!!!!!!
Just my 2 cents
Thanks for the positive reply concerning myself. It means alot (coming from a fellow lefty).
Actually...this site is all bad @$$. It's a great site with great people in it. Even the photo section (which the rant was a pet peeve, but possibly needed).
I'll make an effort to keep my discgolf darkside in check and only concentrate on my gooy good leftside.
Thanks buddy,
Loading photos of an optimul size so as not to emulate a Big Mac, is probably a good thing. But what if someone wants to use the photo as wallpaper? Will your sizes be large enough to give optimum structure to the photo being uploaded? Like stretching the limits so as to distort the image?
I like your philosophy. It sounds "blue collar". I'll take it to heart. How's your course doing? I'd still like to drop over for some disc golf sometime. On my way up to the LaCrosse area.
Thanks for your involvement.
its also easier to bitch about everything! thats what the digital age is all about!
I hope that "crying" comment isn't directed towards me. ;-)

Here's the reason I posted what I did last night. I think this is a cool site. AWESOME site! I want as many people to use and enjoy it as is possible! Lots of heavy, bloated images make it harder for people on dial-up and slower cable/DSL connections to do that. Urban areas in the U.S.? Not much of a problem. Rural areas of the U.S. that are pretty far from a major metro or in rural locations in other countries. PROBLEM.

There also are an increasing number of experts in the IT/tech field who are becoming concerned over the bandwidth loads out there eventually causing slower connection speeds for EVERYBODY (too much juice trying to flow through too many or too narrow of "pipes" - although the Internet is NOT a "series of tubes," like that corrupt Alaskan Senator claimed, lol). If we can deliver 576 KB of content in 1.43 KB, we're stupid/irresponsible for not doing it. Not just on DGRUS, but anywhere. Kinda like driving a car at 10 MPG, when a couple easy/affordable fixes would get that same car 20 MPG.

People can party like it's December 21, 2012 if they want to. :-) I'm just saying that we ALL could make this site function better for more people if we just were smarter in the way we upload photos on to the site. Wanna share a picture of your "taco" after hitting a tree? Do it at 500-600 pixels wide and 72-96 ppi...not something we could wallpaper a room with.

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