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Whadda think ?  Firstly be congrats to Val Jenkins and  Paul McBeth  for winnning their respective divisions. From the discgolfplanettv coverage Saturday's play was much easier than the gale that was blowing Friday. By in large I thot the coverage was very good. Crazy John and Rebbecca did a good job hosting  and Dave and the cameraman did their very best out on the courses. I think for now this is the very best you can do other than getting the X Games or ESPN to get out there and film it. I say hats off to Disc Golf TV and the PDGA for making this happen. I think beer ads and Subway or Jack in the box ads would be good too!  Dressler should put together a couple of fun ads and send them to the respective companies and sell them the spots. 3m each for 3 tourneys buy a couple of more cameras.


But like I said    well done!   any comments?

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I Agree. Overall, things went well. I know I REALLY Appreciate being able to watch the coverage more than I care about a glitch here or there, so hats of to DiscGolfPlanet.....

My only advice would be to try for an HD camera to follow the lead cards. Clearer picture would be Awesome, BUT, it Will Not keep me from watching it...

The ONLY thing that got to me this year was it seemed like there were Idiots trolling the chat boards just to cause trouble. This was the 1st time I really used the chat, and I could NOT Believe some of the Stupid Crap people were saying. Was Unbelievable, ESPECIALLY if it REALLY WAS Disc Golfers that should be there supporting their sport, not making comments about the Women's group and who's hotter, starting chat room brawls, or just being Total Douche Bags in General. It was like some of them WANTED to make Disc Golf look Stupid. That part really kinda made me sad. The Moderator shut the chat room down a few times while I was on to weed out the Idiots.I felt bad for the Moderator. I really wonder if there will be a Chat Room next event......

Yeah, the chat was the worst it's ever been.  The vid was good.  I don't know if they can do the hidef thing because most people won't have the bandwidth to keep up with that kind of signal.

That's True Star, I didn't think about that..... Makes sense. 

I don't think about stuff like that..... Lol. :)

Sorry about the Eye thing, by the way. I was the other guy on the chat that has the same eye condition as you...

Gotcha.  It's cool.  I've been dealing with it for 27 years, I'm used to it by now.

I've only dealt with it for 8 years or so, and only in one eye. I Freekin' HATE IT. Lol. :)

I enjoyed the coverage quite a bit. Never opened the chat, it was so bad at the Vibram last year I didn't want to waste my time. Here's how I know the coverage was leaps and bounds better...when I recommended watching to my non-disc playing family, this year they wrote back thanking me for the link instead of asking why I had sent them that horrible feed? 

Not surprising the Chat feature is going to be trouble. Just think of the nasty things we are prone to say to the TV when watching our favorite sports and turning them into chat posts many other may not want to read.

Enjoyed the 3 day coverage.Congrats to the lead card winnes.

Both hosts,Field reporter Dave and camera person did a good job all around.

Chat room was just rude with comments,had to switch over to full screen.Some blurring encountered when full screen watching.Chat moderator really had his/her hands full. Mature people became the minority,henceforth censorship runs rampant.One wonders/knows that those few probably did not bother to contribute to help get better coverage.The few bad apples will always spoil a great outing for the rest.Ignorance was bliss.

look forward for next year coverage.Great job all around.

As sad as it sounds, I am glad I am not the only one that thought the Chat Room was full of Idiots. 

Did you Not have to be a DiscGolfPlanet Member to use the chat??? I thought that was the situation for some reason..... Maybe they can make it Member only to cut down the Idiocy...

The thing that BUGS me the most about it still is that ANYONE that is NOT a Disc Golfer that may have been watching that coverage, and saw the Chat Room posts, must think a lot of Disc Golfers are Morons. Not a Super image to put out to the Public when we are trying Vehemently to GROW the Sport.... 

I am NOT bashing DiscGolfPlanet in ANY WAY.... I know the Moderators were doing all they could to stop the junk....

Both Feed and Chat are free, I believe.  You can register with the site without paying the 25 bucks.

Free to be what we read to see.

Common sense does prevail though.


Problem there in lies that being a member only,one  could still get dicey.Just part of todays problem with the breakdown of values.Promoting disc golf as fun for all ages shows the immaturity of some.Sh.. happens unfortunately.The "free lunch" has gone the way of carrier pigon.

Hopefully the problem will resolve for next year.Money spent to "police" onself always cuts into what could of been great/better coverage when applying money not towards broadcast .

I usually check in on chat to recognize anyone we/you may encounter along the way either on any course played or online sites as this one.Info thrown out about discs being thrown was big last year.

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