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What is your farthest flying one?

What do you use for hyzers? Anhyzers?

Forehand shots? Backhand?

What is your favorite?

I just thought it would be fun to see what everyone else uses.

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Fork grip? Details please
Think of how you would hold a fork or spoon for that matter. The two outer fingers are pressed on the rim. The middle and ring finger are more on the flight plate and sort of stacked onto your pinkey finger (middle finger not so much). While your thumb and index finger are pinching the flight plate. Think of how you see pollititions trying to make a point during a debate. They won't point there finger at people, but curl their pointer finger and rest their thumb on top of it? That's how your thumb and pointer finger should rest on the disc.
Or you can just go to discgolfreview and look up Instructional articles/grips :)
What is your farthest flying one? Buzzz
What do you use for hyzers? Spike Hyzers - Drone, medium hyzers - Wasp & Roc, Buzzz of any kind Anhyzers? Comet & beat Buzzz for longer annys
Forehand shots? Drone, Buzzz, Comet Backhand? Buzzz & Comet
What is your favorite? Buzzz, Comet hands down....period

Discraft has the best midranges....honorable mention - Roc
Longest: Roc+
Hyzers: Drone and Gator
Anhyzers: Hawk and classic Roc
Dead straight (OK, you didn't ask, but I put it in anyway): Buzzz, Hawk, and Classic Roc
As for favorite, it would be the Roc+. Reason? If I could only use one. The Roc could cover all the bases. The Buzz is close, but not close enough.
You have a point with the Roc, but it only does it all well when have this disc in different stages of wear. A Buzzz will do it right out of box for most of this. That is the reason that I give the Buzzz the edge over the Roc...also the Buzzz is readily available in many different plastics.
See I only carry one. I figure, that's what my Drone, Buzzz, and Hawk are for. I just don't get the 3 to 4 Rocs in a bag. Just buy these others and they'll do the job for you without spending the time to break them in, as well the the pain and agony when you loose it.
it's a close call, but that's why I carry both. I can't thing of playing without either of them.

the glow roc,but i like dx roc a little more

pretty buzzz
I have a z buzzz but dont really like the grip what plastic is closest to z for a buzzz.
I have to say the I am really digging the new Discraft Ace Race disc. It is very straight flying but will hold any angle you give it. I haven't thrown it forehand, but i don't throw midrange discs forehand.
I find it to be pretty stable--a 1.9 or so on the Discraft scale...perfect for my forehand...


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