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I figure that Chuck will probably see this and respond. However I am pretty sure that others may know the answer to this rule.
Is there a minimum weight restriction on discs? Also what if the disc has no posted weight? and what if someone thinks they know a rule and takes it upon themselves to call a rule during a PDGA sanctioned tournament without being an Official? Can this person be DQed or stroked for a courtesy violation?

Now let me explain............
I recently obtained a Gateway Wizard from a gentleman who shops at the Gateway store in St. Louis. It is a very light disc(most likely less than 150g). However it does not have a weight on the bottom of the disc. So I gave the disc to a friend of mines son who is 12 years old. During a tournament this past weekend one of the locals whom we play with quite frequently decided to play "know it all" and make his own judgment that anything under 150g is not legal and that because there is no posted weight it is not a legal disc. All of this coming from a guy who has only played in 2 tournaments and they were both in the past month. Since this guy is in his 50's and he was telling this to a 12 year old the 12 year old decided to respect his elders and played the remainder of a 54 hole without a putter. All of this after the first 5 holes! Here lies the biggest of the problems I did not find out about this until after the tournament.Otherwise I would have sought out the help of the TD and had this guys rear! This is also the same guy who was refusing to let the other players on his scorecard to review their scores before turning them in.That was until I walked up and one of the guys playing knew that I was an Official and called him on it. When I got the scorecard away from him I found out that the moron had tallied the final scores by putting +1, -1 , and so on in the score box! So had they not found me and called him on this they all would have taken 2 strokes a piece for turning in their scorecards wrong. The 12 year old has played in roughly 20 tournaments and is going to play in the Worlds this year. He was scammed by a "know it all" and did not want to speak up and say butt out because of the age difference even though he knew it was a wrong call. What exactly should I and his father do about this and how should we approach this if it ever comes up again? This is a new one on me?
Personally I am going to throw a rule book at this guy and tell him to learn it before he signs up for any other tournaments.

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i just know i have a 137 t-bone from quest at but i dont know if its legal or not
im pretty sure its pdga approved though...
I sort of asked this same question. Discs under 150 are ok.
Innova makes a boss rpro down to 138
The Roc goes down to something like 117

And just becasue it is not written on ink means NOTHING. What if I do not want that on there and scrub it off. What if after wear it just goes away (which has happened to two of mine so far in 1 year of play).


As far as this guy goes . . . sounds like a real piece of work.
We have a 129-gram Leopard in the Throw Shop right now. I'm pretty sure there is no minimum weight for discs.

As to the officious guy, he certainly caused a problem for your son and others, but I'd recommend going easy on him. If he's that new to disc golf, and in his 50s, it'd be best not to turn him off to it. We've run across sort of the same problem here, occasionally, and what we do is make sure to go over "a few pertinent rules" at the next player's meeting. It just happens that those rules are the ones that the officious person(s) had gotten wrong. That educates them without calling tem out.
Thanks guys for the response. I did run into this guy on the course this afternoon and asked him why on earth he would say such a thing. Before I could even get it completely out he blew a gasket and started to go half nuts on me. So during the argument another gentleman that was standing by laughing approached and threw a rule book at him and said to keep it and learn the rules. He said that he overheard all of this and would also like to know why he would say something like that if he didn't know the rule. The guy continued to argue that he was correct until the other gentleman flipped the rule book open to the page that says Max weight is 200g. and this is all it says. So "know it all" than proceeded to argue that the PDGA has their heads up their butts and that that is stupidest rule he has have ever heard of. He want's to know why they would have a maximum weight and not a minimum weight. It was all pretty comical and a few people got a good laugh out of all of this. I'm pretty sure that after what a few strangers said to him he may not ever make a ruling judgment again, especially since someone threw a rule book at him and told him to learn it before he ever plays a PDGA tournament again.

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