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This is a great question as every other disc has been talked about. The monarch to me is a great flyer... the Glide on this disc is unparallel to any other disc in its class. The disc does flip a lil more than you would expect but, all that it is getting to a soccer field and testing it out over and over... If i was someone without alot of arm power i would recomend this disc anytime... Hell i use it I would recommend Max weight aswell the disc is pretty flippy man... Good Luck
I've thrown a couple randomly since I started playing. Early, they were pretty stable and easily controllable. I grabbed my buddys Monarch yesterday, and gave it a bomb, it of course flipped right. Next hole I wailed it with some hyzer, not enough, it flipped over and hit a tree, but it was clear at that point that had the tree not been in the way it would have came back over for a LOOOOONG Hyzer flip drive. So the next hole I wailed it with a little more Hyzer, Clean release, she flipped up and a little over and all I have to say is the glide is absolutely amazing on those discs. I could see myself with some practice being able to out drive just about any other disc I have ever thrown with one.

I also threw a Champion Starfire for the first time yesterday. Holy Bajeezus, Hole 11 on Redstone Arsenal has a field that is likely somewhere in the 500' range to the tree line although the basket is likely only about 360ish, I gave the thing a rip and was about 20' from going all the way across the field. I threw it hard and flat expecting it to hyzer out and break left to come in somewhere close to the basket. Nope, looooong straight, and drool worthy. The only other driver I can do that with is a Groove oddly enough.

Back to the Monarch, It's tempting for me to get one. I just saw some real potential in that disc while I was throwing it.
Just ordered a champion x out monarch. Should be arriving today! I can't wait to throw this thing.
"King of the butterflies."
This and the Wraith are my 2 main drivers. I love the Monarch so much I created a group on here for it!!! It's just like a faster Roadrunner. Gets a bit more distance then a Roadrunner, but takes a bit more snap to act the same as a Roadrunner.

Up here at 6,000ft elevation they are great for super straight shots, llloonnnggg annies or massive hyzer flip drives. Side by side they even look just like a slightly wider rimmed Roadrunner with a groove cut into the bottom (so they can make them at lighter weights).

Hope this helps some, I would recommend it. I have a great threesome of model drivers I think. Monarch, Wraith, TeeRex. Carry 2-3 of each.

Normal elevations I might not like this disc though. things are much more overstable up here. I realize this every time I make a trip to back home to the midwest each year. Have not thrown this disc at normal elevations.

I would recommend a heavier weight as well. I throw a 176.2g for control/main straight to anny shots and throw a 171.7g that will turnover on it's own when thrown flat (once again that's at 6,000ft elevation though).
Still on the fence. It's a tight battle between it and my Vision (Latitude 64 that is not my sight!) I've had the Vision in my bag as of late, but it's the Monarchs turn.
Not nearly as good of a disc as the sidewinder in my opinion. Sidewinders seem consistent along a spectrum of speeds. Throw it a little slower and it will simply turn just a little less. Throw it harder and it turns harder. With the monarch I experience a strange "gap" in stability. When thrown softer, it turned almost overstable on me. When I ripped it, it would turnover too much for me. I think most shots I wanted to throw with it fell in that gap and I never knew what I was going to get...overstable or understable. It just seemed to speed/nose angle sensitive. Sorry for a review to go the other way, but that was my experience. I'd go with the sidewinder...created for a similar purpose and achieves similar distance.
Andy, see if my post below is what you were referring to with your comment "[I don't like the low speed stability of it.]"
IT is def. a shot that you have to control your right. the spectrum of speeds is very slight becareful i guess.
This is my go to technical disc. Of course because of the stability, I would recommend max weight. Compared to the sidewinder - the monarch has a nice 'S' flight where as I can never get a sidewinder to come back. There are instances in which the wind or other factors contribute for the monarch to not have a low speed fade but overall - Money!
Sidewinders are good too. My complaint on sidewinders is they don't seem to handle wind as well as a Monarch or Roadrunner seem to. Especially the flatter top Monarch's. Don't roll quite as straight either.

I agree with the "gap", why I was saying one thing of the Monarch vs a Roadrunner is takes more snap to make a Monarch to act like a Roadrunner. Without a bit less snap (or a bit of a mistake) it will turn into a more Beast'ish type flight (more overstable).

I kinda like the "gap" myself, it's making it so I can fill it in for my Champ. Beast and Champ Roadrunner.

I would say if you have a big arm go with a Monarch, if not I would go with a Roadrunner.Sidewinders are great too, I can easily switch from all three of these discs for the straight to turnover drives. I use a Sidewinder for back up for my heavy Monarch right now, which is in my bag cause I lost my Roadrunner in somebody's back yard (god speed Roadrunner, beep, beep.)
All this talk makes me realize how much I miss my max weight Roadrunner I lost in somebody's back yard this weekend. Help me win league Saturday. Lost it on Sunday do to a badly performed hyzer shot that I sadly didn't fallow through on. So of course it Hyzered, then flipped straight and hit a tree and b-lined over the fence, DOH!!! (actually it was four letters, starts with a F, sad, sad day.)

So my overall vote is Monarch is more fun of a disc to throw and will give you a variety of shots once you learn to control it.

Though a Roadrunner is money! There is a long wooded hole, hole 7 at Widefield, CO and I almost birdie it every time with a Roadrunner.

I'm going to get 2 max weight Roadrunners to replace my old one and have a backup!

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