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Just played the Black Locust which has got to be one of them. I'd probably put Rolling Hills in Ypsi as the most LHBH friendly though..
I've played some really unfriendly ones this like Beast in Ludington.

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I would intensely agree that Black Locust is LHBH to a level of frustration for a righty. I would say that Beast is definitely righty, Leviathon is definitely lefty, from longs. A lot of the courses I would say are fairly balanced because only those few stick out in my mind. Maybe Grand Woods in Lansing is LHBH also, and Grand Ledge is RHBH hahaha
Great Call on Grand Woods, forgot about that for a minute. That course could be the MOST lefty friendly I've played.
cheeck out log lake in traverse city. it sucks if your lefty. if your ever up there hickory hills is the best course ever on the dead end side of randolph in travese.
Black Locust is a lefty love-fest seems to be designed with the intention of punishing rhbh players. Many courses are RHBH friendly but having a super LHBH doesn't solve anything either. I'd love to move a few pins back where they belong.
Lefties! Who cares about lefties? Counterclockwise spin on a golf disc is an abomination and should be banned from the sport. Most people are right handed. Discs are designed to hyzer. So a righty hyzer is just the natural order of things. Oh and right handed forehand should be banned, too. Those shots are just traitors to their right handed brethren.

The only good hole in disc golf is a righty hyzer tunnel. The more righty hyzer tunnels a course has the better. That way players would only have to learn one shot and wouldn't have to waste their time with straight shots and anhyzers.

A balanced course only proves the designer lacked the good sense to add a few more righty hyzer shots.

Since most courses are righty favorable, the few misguided courses which are balanced or slightly lefty favorable should be avoided for a few years. Fortunately in a few years, the casuals will break open righty lines by knocking down trees, branches and bushes. So it is only a matter of time until every course becomes righty friendly.

Maybe right handed players should be provided saws and power tools so that any anhyzer hole could be quickly and properly opened up. Think about how many strokes could be saved by right handed players!

Oh, and since we are now moving toward fixing the flaws in the sport, lets call all putts inside the putting circle gimmes. If the circle is too small then lets move the circle back to fifty feet or so or maybe a hundred it it is windy. This would restrict the sport to its most essential skill: righty hyzer driving. Hahahahahaha.
Actually there are plenty of assholes at my local course that agree with you about bringing saws and power tools to chop down whatever is in their preferred line..
this has to be a joke right?
Cold brook by kalamazoo is fairly even but i think leans to a lefty bhlh but i think all course should have booth that was makes them interesting and challenging.
Finally, someone to preach the truth. Lefties only make up 10% of the population, so why should more than 10% of a course favor LHBH throwers? Just to be considerate, I propose 2 holes on an 18 hole course (11.11% - I'm being generous) should be dogleg right shots. Other than that, I agree with Mark - hyzer away! It's the easiest shot to learn, which would increase interest in the game as newer throwers would be able to enjoy more of their time on the course as they throw nose up and let their discs die to the left. A solution that fits the demographic and includes expansion of the sport. It's a win-win!

FYI, this has been sarcasm!

Happy Holidays,

Tall Tom in Battle Creek
Haven't you ever heard of a biased course?
Mr. Ellis,
When you say, "discs are designed to hyzer"... do you mean discs within the Discraft mold or all molds? I'm curious in knowing...how many factory workers within the Discraft plant are lefty's. Because I find that the Discraft discs that I use... throw just fine (I'm a lefty). So maybe... the assumed lefties who work in the plant put a special lefty twist on the plastic as they travel down the line and into discers bags. Better alert Q.C.
Lefties are worthless anyways. A genetic flaw. Maybe we can get a petition to ban them on courses along with their even more ridiculous, sympathizing righty forehanders... How talentless is that? at least lefty forehanders realize their low status and at least try to fake it. Miserable hack losers.

Oh man, and we should move the pins at the locust back where they belong.... why would anyone want balance in their game? Whiners.

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