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Just played the Black Locust which has got to be one of them. I'd probably put Rolling Hills in Ypsi as the most LHBH friendly though..
I've played some really unfriendly ones this like Beast in Ludington.

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I want balance. I want each course to be equally balanced, not all to be skewed one way or another. I don't think all rhbh hyzers is a good course either.
First we force them to push the pen, what's next?
I don't mind lefty courses -- gives me a chance to work on sidearm/righty turnovers both of which I need to practice. Agree that RH and BL are the 2 best places to go for that. Least lefty-friendly? The old Beauty course at Mason County wins that one.
Ha ha ha Well said as usual Mark.

I for one like the variety.
It simply boils down to a) you like each and every course to be balanced with shot type and variety, or b) you like that a certain course may be heavily tilted one way because it's ok because another course nearby is tilted the other way. I will have to go with a).

Not to mention the s.e. mich area isn't one of those areas plagued by only rhbh courses, it may even be the opposite soon.
you are blinded by shot preference Ben, no offense. You see course balance with some real funky 3-d rhbh goggles. Maybe you should try and dominate with forehand. Then you will see the light.
I really don't think so. I see BL as highly lhbh rhsa friendly. Rather see it 50/50 split. Rather see all courses 50/50 split. I can sidearm pretty well these days and have shot great at BL each time I've played it. The problem is I don't view all the courses in an area as a whole, but each separately. When you're playing one course it doesn't matter that the next course over is rhbh friendly, you play the courses one at a time. Literally just 3 moved pins would even it out 50/50 i.m.o. I don't have a problem throwing sidearm, just don't want to be forced to more than half the time, and also don't think a lhbh player should be forced to half the time either. It's not even about having to do sidearm, that may be your dominant shot. It's about shot variety. Should be able to throw everything you've got at a course, and not suffer dramatically on one course because you don't have a certain shot down, but rather because your game overall is lacking.
And the first time I played BL I shot 79 longs 27, with about half sidearm drives. Also had elbow pain afterwards.
Great points Chad. Send me an invite to the tourney on Sunday!
For the record, I definitely prefer a well-balanced course over lefty or righty biased. Even in tournaments. I didn't start this thread to debate if biased courses were weaker or stronger than balanced ones, just to point out and here others opinions about which courses ARE biased towards one side or the other. I think most courses were designed with lh-rh balance as a top priority.
For most of the people who claim a course to be lefty friendly, I think 9 times out of 10 they are mistaken. Mistaken as in the fact that the course is nothing but BALANCED. Everyone used to say that the Tunnel Course at Kensington was lefty friendly. NO IT WASN'T! IT WAS BALANCED- there were 9 holes that finished to the right (7,8,9,a,d,f,10,11), 10 that finshed to the left (3,4,6,b,e,12,14,16,17,18), and 5 that were straight. How is this lefty friendly? So, a course that is balanced is seen as lefty friendly? MAkes no sense at all, and all for the rightys out there are used to being nothing but spoiled, and usually expect to throw simple, easy hyzers all day. Imagine havnig to throw an anhyzer for every shot? Eventually, your back will start hurting. This is why we can look at some leftys out there, and give them way more credit of which is more then deserved. Scott Martin is known to be the best lefty out there- IMO, I would say he is one of THE BEST- being left handed and having to play righty courses 99% of the time. Pretty incredible.
I suppose it is a waiste to talk about a fabulous course that does not exist anymore. Worst course in MI for a lefty- River Bends (though I have not been there in a couple of years)
I am not sure why people would even have the guts to say lefties are worthless and accuse them of whining- people cannot choose how to be born. I am in fact right handed- but I throw left. Thsoe kind of comments are rude- what an ignornat thing to say.
if Lefties have to be challenged by throwing the opposite spin in order to be successful, shouldn't righties have to see that same challenge? You could be the best in the world at throwing a righty hyzer, but if you can't execute any other shot, then why would you deserve that title? Someone who has it all- every shot, and knows how to execute it shoudl be crowned as the best. I gaurantee that anyone who has everyone won a major or NT- they have it all. They didn't egt there by throwing a righy hyzer hole after hole for a week. To all of those righties who only want to throw righty hyzers, I won't expect to ever see you become big in this sport.

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