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Mine is not bizarre, but saw a guy standing off to the left of a flick thrower on a hole this past week and the guy driving off the pad threw a flick into the back of his buddies head. It was hilarious to see, but the way he yelled, I bet it hurt like heck!

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I was teeing off on hole 9 in Orlando at Barnett parks original course. After my drive landed I noticed a huge contrail heading straight up....I stood there for several minutes watching my first shuttle launch...


We used to have a red tail hawk on our course which would dive on discs twice I witnessed and heard a few others who had seen the same thing. The first time it knocked the disc out of the air. Just recently we had a fox chase a few shots on a hole until he saw us then ran but he chased them. When I was playing cabin creek in the cinninati worlds I had about a 45 foot putt half way to the basket a big bug hit my disc and caused it to wobble but it still went in. Wildlife living up to its name. I'll thing a little longer I'm sure I've got a few more.
Watched Air Force 1 fly over the course and land at Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, MI. We didn't even think about him coming to town that day. We were walking up to the 4th or 5th basket on Cascade and saw a bunch of secret service and tactical vehicles parade past on the service drive going into the back of the airport. Then that huge plane flew over.
Big Valley Challenge, Durham, NC '03 or '04. Tree fell on hole 17 as I was on 18 teepad. Almost hit some players in the group behind us, huge tree and a loud crack and crash. Fortunately noone was hurt
Watching someone break their arm throwing a forehand roller. I mean a non-contact, clean break of the humerus(no pun intended) bone.
When we first installed our baskets on our local course (Luther Britt Park ,Lumberton NC), we were so excited we went out to play during a tornado watch. We didn't know it at the time. It was clear when we started and got worse after our second round. The wind was blowing so hard. We were on number nine, 2nd round, when all wind broke loose. I watched as my driver was lifted straight up about as tall as a ten story building and soured over the pines on the right of hole nine, cleared the dike and landed at least 100 yards to the right and 300 yards behind the tee. We decided the head winds were too much to continue playing. I must say it is the longest and highest drive I have had to date...in the wrong direction no doubt. This day is forever known as THE FLIGHT OF THE VALKYRIE!!! True to the insanity of the disc golfer I remarked, "I need a better headwind driver".
We had a family cooking chicken wings in a basket once Charcoal in the bottom and wings hanging from the chains. Also playing a snow round group of 4 fresh snow course to our self. Hole 6 I brush a 2 ft wide spot to sit down on the bench. We get to hole 12 and I throw to much hyser and go left where do I land? Right on that 2ft spot I cleared on hole 6 bench right side up GRANGE stamp perfectly centered.
here in my part of the woods... we call that a chupacabra... doesn't matter what it really was; chipmunk, squirrel, elephant... if the locals don't see it everyday, it's a chupacabra...see for yourself

Mike said:
I was looking for my disc in the woods off the edge of the fairway in some pretty thick undergrowth. I saw somthing small run from me as I almost stepped on it but I couldn't tell what it was from the density of all the ferns that were in full bloom. Next thing I knew I heard hissing to my left and as I looked there was a ugly fairly large bodied (momma looking) animal starring at me with it's teeth showing. I began to jog back out of the woods with the animal chasing me. I As I broke out back into the fairway my buddies say "what the hell are you doing?" I proceed to tell them what just happened and they start laughing. They were asking what it was, and I told them I wasn't sure but it had fangs and it chased me. More laughter from my friends. They then asked if it was a squirrel or a chipmunk. I said, "If it was, it was the worlds biggest and had fangs". More laughter. To this day everytime anyone goes into the woods in that spot, we warn them of the rabid chipmunk that lives there. And yes I overcame my fear of the fanged beast and found my disc. May I also mention none of them would go in to help me.
i pegged a prairie dog coming out of its hole in corpus christi (west guth) disc just stopped like it hit a brick wall, but the prairie dog went a few feet further, maybe 3-4 feet, away from the hole he crawled out of...

yeah i know i commented twice... liked the other story and had to add mine
Bizarre huh?
Got stuck on the far side of a flash flood zone in Mishawaka, but that's not really bizarre, just unfortunate.
Had a herd of deer run by me playing night golf in Weatherford, less than twenty feet on each side, not bizarre, just a lil' freaky.
Bizarre, oh, yeah, I got it.
I was playing Jimmy Porter in Carrollton, Tx. by myself one day, hardly anyone on the course. I throw my drive on hole four, up and over a slight hill and out of nowhere, from the right side of the fairway, runs a dog right in front of my disc. I didn't hit it but while I was walking up the fairway, it's owner walks onto the fairway, a nice looking young lady, also carrying a disc golf bag on her shoulder. We talked a little bit and she asked if she could finish her round with me, and I said sure. I wasn't in a hurry and planned on playing two rounds.
I finished hole four and we walked up the hill to hole five's teebox. We both threw our drives and started walking down the hill to cross the creek by the basket. She says hold on a second, "I have to pee" and proceeds to drop her pants and pee, right in front of me. It was strange, but the really strange thing was she was like, pointing it at me. I tried not to stare but I'm sure I did. Anyway, she finishes, pulls up her pants and starts to walk over to me, about twenty feet away. I said something stupid like "are you ready?"
Her next reply was kind of bizarre. She looks at me and says, "man, I don't know what happened, that should've turned you on". I told her I was married and just here for the golf. Plus, I lived like five minutes away and that was my home course. I didn't need that kind of trouble.
About two weeks later, I was just finishing a round, when I noticed her in the parking lot talking to a couple guys I golf with all the time. I finish and walk over, where one of them asked me if I had ever met her. In my usual smart-ass like self, I replied, "yeah, kind of intimately". He says ok, have you seen her tits. I said no, not yet. Two minutes later I'm looking at her pulling her shirt up two feet in front of me.
Now if that ain't bizarre, try this on for size. I found out later she was born a he, but her mother really wanted a baby girl and she was born with both genitalia, so her mom opted for the little girl. Only after that did I form the opinion that she had man-hands. Now, that was bizarre!
WOW! That wins
Here's another one, although second hand, my brother and a friend both swear it's true.
While playing at Z Boaz in Ft Worth, they threw their drives on hole twelve, start up the fairway. On the right side of the fairway is train tracks with trees and shule barrier. Out of bushes, runs a man, wearing nothing but a women's pink thong, with feathers. He runs out into the middle of the fairway, whips out his tool and starts helping himself. As they went closer to him he puts it away and just walks up to them like nothing happened, and asks them, "so, you guys like frisbee golf?"
They told him to get the hell off the course before they called the cops. Well, someone else already did, because they showed up right then and found the guy hiding in the bushes and gave him a free ride and a free meal.
At least he didn't pee at them huh?
Still bizarre though.

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