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Mine is not bizarre, but saw a guy standing off to the left of a flick thrower on a hole this past week and the guy driving off the pad threw a flick into the back of his buddies head. It was hilarious to see, but the way he yelled, I bet it hurt like heck!

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Here's another one, although second hand, my brother and a friend both swear it's true.
While playing at Z Boaz in Ft Worth, they threw their drives on hole twelve, start up the fairway. On the right side of the fairway is train tracks with trees and shule barrier. Out of bushes, runs a man, wearing nothing but a women's pink thong, with feathers. He runs out into the middle of the fairway, whips out his tool and starts helping himself. As they went closer to him he puts it away and just walks up to them like nothing happened, and asks them, "so, you guys like frisbee golf?"
They told him to get the hell off the course before they called the cops. Well, someone else already did, because they showed up right then and found the guy hiding in the bushes and gave him a free ride and a free meal.
At least he didn't pee at them huh?
Still bizarre though.
Mike said:
WOW! That wins

My wife thought it was pretty bizarre when I told her when I got home.
I could barely keep a straight face.
The other day I was playing a casual round in Golden Gate Park. On the 4th tee, I threw a tomahawk for fun, something I never do there since there's an overhanging branch that makes that throw pretty low %. Of course the disc hits the branch, but it comes flying back right at me. I make the catch and in the same motion rip the tommy again towards the pin...saving par.
Nascar Dave said:
I found out later she was born a he, but her mother really wanted a baby girl and she was born with both genitalia, so her mom opted for the little girl. Only after that did I form the opinion that she had man-hands. Now, that was bizarre!

Did she throw far?
jenny d said:
Nascar Dave said:
I found out later she was born a he, but her mother really wanted a baby girl and she was born with both genitalia, so her mom opted for the little girl. Only after that did I form the opinion that she had man-hands. Now, that was bizarre!

Did she throw far?

Hole five is only about 225 and off of a hill, but to tell you the truth, I don't remember. I can tell you what she was wearing though. lmao
I was playin a round at Kimball Pines in Battle Creek, MI with a few friends when I first started discin. My poor drive had given me basically no options except the roller, which I had never thrown. My buddy's friend explained the shot to me and I attempted the throw, and it looked okay but then it proceeded to roll down the hill and OB into the parking lot, heading straight for my parked car about 100' away . The disc then miraculously does a complete 180 a few feet before hitting my car and takes the same rolling line all the way back across the lot and it eventually came to rest about 2 feet inbounds. The guy that showed me how to throw said he had been playing for years and never saw anything like it.
My wife and I were playing water tower park in Sarasota Fl. Fisrt she grip locks on the first tee and throws her disc into the nieghbors yard. I retrieved her disc and then on hole four she throws her disc into a ditch and nearly nails a sandhill crane. Then on six she hits a tree and misses a squirel by a inch or two. Nearly scared him to death, just froze in place for about 15 seconds and then I never saw squirel move so fast in my life. Tough day for the local wild life.
okay...nascar dave...that was extremely funny...lmao...
Nothing really suprises us anymore...I think we seen just about everything. For instance, last Sunday, some homeless goof had tin foil wraped around his head with spanish moss sticking out the top...spanish moss sticking out his shirt sleeves....he had this epileptic karate kid on acid thing going on. Nothing we haven't seen before....Bahahahahahaha!!! The moss with foil was a new touch though.
I was playing disc golf in Midland Mi. At Chippewa Banks. On the 7th hole I saw a guy playing with a leashed monkey who was holding a mini disc. The monkey was pretty small no bigger then a medium sized dog. The monkey was not playing but he was looking awfully cute!
I was at EMU playing with my brother in law. Cant remember the hole but I know I had one hell of a head wind. I was putting from about 20 feet away. My brother in law was about the same distance away and about 30 feet from me. Joking he said go ahead throw and I'll catch it. He caught it. Putt went about 15 feet past the basket then back to my brother.
A couple of years ago I was playing at the old course on my college campus (Sonoma State) with some buddies. While I was standing in some long grass preparing for my upshot, I heard a repeated sqeaking sound. I looked around, and finally realized that I was STANDING on a field mouse! I immediately stepped off of the poor critter who quickly skittered away (hopefully unhurt). I felt so bad for the little guy...


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