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Last year we started fixing pin positions that had gotten too low over time. We also decided to add some more positions and some of those positions can be used for 2 or more holes. We probably put in a dozen new positions last year. Have you done anything like this at your course? I feel that this has drastically improved our course since now you wont play the same course twice. Every week you will see something different. And the shared positions give so many options. Also you can put out some super long holes for league if you want. Or make everything super short. Someone won league at 16 under in doubles when it was set up all short.

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Courses with a bunch of pin placements should have a rotation plan so players know whether their good rounds are really good since it depends on the pin combinations. If your course pro creates maybe 8 to 10 specific named layouts where pins are always in those positions, then it can be cool where they know a 45 on the Jones Special layout is smoking.
Oh yeah. Every hole at Tuscawilla (18 hole course)has at least 3 placements...some have 5. 4 holes can share a basket with another without being completely whacked out course design...well almost!!! 2 and 10 share a placement, 1 and 17 can also share a placement. With 3 tee's on every hole...the Earth will likely be remnants of space dust by the time every possible course could be played!! Anybody wanna take a stab at a number so large...ya wouldn't know what to call it? lmao!!
Multiple placements are a friggin' nightmare and as traveler I despise them. 90% (of statistics are made up) of courses that have them have NO way of showing what position is current. So good luck finding the hole when you don't know which of 5 places to even begin to look for it. Then if you're a local how do you even know what you're shooting at on a blind hole, you gotta walk up to make sure someone didn't change it last week? It really is often not worth the effort and I'm glad we do not fool around with that in Michigan.
I've played courses with multiple hole placements and it can be good or bad. I like them for the fact of changing the course but they totall suck if you travel to play nad have no idea where they are. If hte club puts them on a good rotation schedule, then it is possoble that this would be a great experieence. We have gone ot courses that had multiple baskets and we never were quite sure which ones to be throwing at??
We always mark pin positions on the signs so you know where they are. Also there really aren't any blind shots at the course. Also try to keep to a minimum the number of holes moved each week.
Was it a worst shot doubles league that he won? ;)~ Sorry I just couldn't help myself. Any who, we also have multiple pin placements on the majority of our holes. Not only does it keep it fresh. It help reduce wear and tear on the grass and surounding folliage. There is one course in the area that has three differnt teepads as well. They are color coded and at the first hole they also have a pinwheel with the three colors. So if you want, you spin the wheel and play the color you land on. Multiple pins are cool, but after playing the differnt teepads. I find that the diff. pads really make the biggest diffence. It is like three totally differnt courses. However, it is a large task to put in three pads per hole.
One of the reasons that we have some shared pin positions is that we have a fairly tight course so we have to make do with the land that we do have. The city came in a few years back and took out almost all of two holes when they widened the nearby creek for storm water drainage. That has forced us to be creative. By using shared positions on a few holes we can maximize the space that we do have.
We change our course once a month...club members can request a month if they like. We also mark the locations on the rock. Our signs are embedded in coquina rocks. They are old..and desperately need to be re-done.
I think a named layout is a great idea. Not only does it stick in people's heads so that they become familiar and easily recognizable...it also just adds a fun factor in creating the feel that you're playing an all new course...not just we're playing pins in the B position today and the like. The names could also have memories and nostalgic value attached to them which helps foster a sense of ownership/stewardship of a local course. I really like that idea Chuck. Too bad our pins were cemented in w/o sleeves. :-( It's a lot harder (a lLOT harder) to rotate positions now!!
2010 Tuscawilla Park
HCAP Pad and Pin Positions

Our HCAPS for 2010 are played fom our A Pads and B Pads, alternating each week. Each player has a seperate HCAP for each pad.

As of now we have played, 42 different pin positions from each Pad.

We hope to have at least 3 rounds for each pad/pin location by the end of the year.

I am curently keeping track of each score for every hole, from each pad and for each pin postion.

These stats will give us the info on how hard/easy each pad and postion is.

I like the idea of naming the layout, once our stats are complete.
I can see Ben's point of view, but only because Ben and I both live in locals with lot's of disc golf courses in close proximity. In Tulsa we have 17 DGCs within 25 minutes of downtown, albeit, six of those seventeen are nine holes courses and two of those six are very beginner friendly…super short. One of those two super short courses has a course rule where drivers are not allowed.

If we expand the radius around Tulsa to a one hour drive from downtown, then there are at least seven more DGCs you can add to that 17, for a total of 24 plus DGCs within a manageable driving distance…but I digress.

A few the courses in Tulsa have multiple basket locations, but for the most part, the baskets are not moved very often and when the basket positions do change, the baskets stay in that position for a long time. The exemption to this is a year old course in Owasso where fourteen of the holes have 2 basket positions, two of the holes have 3 positions and two holes have only 1 position. This new course is one of my favorites and I enjoy having baskets that move to new position every two weeks or so. This course is fairly open…there are big trees and a creek with cotton mouths in it that comes into play on over half of the holes…but it easy to stand on the tee to see what basket position is currently occupied.

I played the DGC the Jamie is referring to in Daytona (Tuscawilla) and really enjoyed the round, but I did need his guidance (and Henry's) to navigate the DGC. I am sure that I could have navigated the course by myself, but like Ben says, I would have been walking the blind fairways to see where the basket was positioned. And, I probably would have thrown off the tee to a few incorrect baskets due to not being familiar with all of the basket locations.

My point is this; in locals with few DGCs in close proximity, having multiple pin locations keeps the “sport” fresh for those that play DG frequently.
Wish we had the problem of too many courses. People here keep talking about a new course, but with our local club and dealing with the city, I wouldn't expect much. The course that we play for league during the week is heavily used by a lot of people.

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