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I LOVE music and earn my living with music(live audio engineer), so today I'll be playing disc golf in memory of John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell Abbot... 2 amazing musicians murdered on this day...the world is a much darker place without them.

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As a lover of life and music. I think about the people that were never "famous", but left this world helping and saving others. They were never in the limelight and never wanted to be. Any loss of life if a sad thing, but I always wondered why somebody who tossed the winning touchdown or played that perfect song. Was held up higher than the rest?

I work part time as a stagehand, and never got into the 'glory' of the talent.

I agree with you.

My mother was an emergency room registered nurse, saved many lives.

But her recognition was in doing so.

It is amazing how all the money and fame in society go to those that entertain us.

they are held up by their station in life and due to that station, they were able to reach vast numbers of people. I have made my life in music and it's pretty much universally agreed that the world is a darker place without music. this doesn't demean any single individual or their accomplishments but a celebration of 2 individuals that touched many, MANY lives. but thanks for defacing something that means alot to me.

Ron, just want to send positive vibes your way today. Was ten when John Lennon was taken from us. I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was the first time I really had to face the idea of someone I cared about passing away. I had a teacher who would let us listen to his vinyl in the back of the classroom and he had all of the Beatles records. Listening to them after John's death took on a whole new meaning...the World was a slightly less hopeful, less beautiful place. 

It is always a sad thing when the World loses any life wether that is a person, someone's closest animal friend...the passing of life is sad...

...but, someone like Lennon was someone who wanted to heal the world and bring peace and brought beauty into the World with his music. He and his pal Paul wrote songs that people dance to, propose to, make love to...live to...

So, I raise my glass to you today, Ron, and drink to their memories. 

Let's take a minute and make sure we truly consider things here. We're all talking about people that we respect. We respect medical and emergency personnel because they save lives. Everyone that believes in the sanctity of life can stand behind that. We can also agree that there are far too many "celebrities" who make obscene amounts of money and receive fame and adoration from people across the world. We should consider carefully  the difference between the Backstreet Boys and musicians such as Lennon and Dimebag. They were both ambassadors for goodwill and inspired many people with their music. Music has a unique ability to speak to many people's emotions. Lennon is remembered as a figure championing peace for all people, something that we can all get behind. Ron is honoring not just celebrities, but people that made a very real difference for humanity with something that is very dear to his heart: music.

Sorry, my intent wasn't to belittle your feeling. This is a "forum" for people to talk and "treat people as your friends". So after just putting my sister to rest. I thought about your comment and just couldn't stop thinking why people do this. What makes one death more important than any other? They all suck!

It is common practice to remember people that have passed on special days: their birthday, a special holiday, the day of their death. These are people that are important to us. They may be important to us because we knew them personally or because they were giants, representatives of something we love. John Lennon did not necessarily risk his life, but he certainly gave most of it to what he believed in, a social movement that was more than just a few catchy tunes.

We all have the right to remember people that made an impact either in our lives or in the lives of many many other people. He is dedicating today to the lives of two people that made a difference using Ron's (and many others') passion.

Music can have a profound impact on people's lives. I have kind of put it aside for many years, but lately I started getting back into some of the music that I used to listen to some twenty years ago. It not only brought back memories of me listening to the music but also brought back all kinds of memories of things that I was doing back then.


I remember when I heard that Lennon had gotten shot. I was really in shock that anyone would want to do such a thing. But there are a lot of loonies out there. It was a true tragedy and we do miss his voice in the world. That is one thing about musicians, they do have a platform to put ideas out there to many people. Lennon was definitely a positive voice in the world.

Music is always Great !!!!  Make sure when playing Disc Golf , your Headphones or Speakers do not distract other players !

Ron, I feel ya. I am a recording Musician myself. I have a song I wrote in Production right now. I wrote it for a singer/songwriter that has been in the music industry for over 25 years. Her Biggest accomplishment has been recording with Michael Jackson. She has a laundry list of ACCOMPLISHED artists she has worked with, but Michael and her formed a friendship that she misses Terribly. The song I wrote the Music for is her song to him and their friendship. I am VERY Fortunate to have been asked to be a part of it. 

I am a Metal Head at heart and Always have been. I was fortunate enough to have seen Pantera Live 11 times and Damage Plan 2 times before Dime was taken. I have had a Guitar in my hands longer than I can remember and Dime was the inspiration that pushed me to better myself. There will NEVER be another Dime on this planet and he is SORELY missed. I am thankful we got him for the time he was here.

Music has Literally, at times, kept me from losing my mind. I would not be the person I am without Music in my life. I have been asked MANY times by people why I get so worked up, or sad, over the death of someone I didn't know. Just because I didn't know them does NOT mean they didn't effect my life through the same passion I shared with them. MUSIC. If a Professional Disc Golfer, that we all admired for their skill, passed on, I think we would do our best to remember them and honor their effect on our lives. I think that is what John Lennon and Darrel Abbott do for Ron and I.....

Ron is NOT putting ANYONE down that is not Famous and may have Unfortunately passed on. He is just showing Respect to those people he may not have known personally, but they still touched his life in a unforgettable way. Music does that for some people, as does disc golf.

Being a artist myself, have had various accomplishments (big and small), and have met through my jobs many a famous politician, artist, actor, musician, athlete, businessman and sure to meet more.

I am now 50 years old. 

I respect almost everyone, famous or not. It's just the way I was brought up.

I like music like everyone else. I was saddened when Jim Henson died. (The Muppets creator).

But that's it. I just how, along with Rescue, understand like the song says "Living in the limelight the universal dream for those that wish to dream you must put away the alienation...... all the world is a stage...." Rush.

Everyone to me is basically the same.

And even the 'lunch lady' at the elementary school touches a lot of people. Not physically.

"Music is food for the soul"...

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