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Just wondering about others feelings on players walking the course with an Mp3 player hooked up to external speakers. Personally I frown upon this new trend. To me it's not much different then having a large group of yelling players near you. I know to some I may seem like the bad guy now. My thought is, the round is only 2 hours more or less on average. Why spoil the peace and quiet of nature with your music blasting? Jam in the car on the way to the course, between rounds or at the picnic tables while you wait for friends to arrive. Nothing worse then finding yourself on the course, traffic, boss, wife, kids all miles away. Finally relaxed then BAM out of nowhere the one disc throwing, wifebeater wearing, eminem jamming crew ends up throwing their round within earshot. Worse is the pro player who should have a bit more respect. I guess there is a time and a place. I love music, probably more then most as I have been a musician for over 20 years. One thing for sure you're not going to see me walking the DGC with my Bass and an amp in my bag. I guess it boils down to rights. Yes you have the right to carry your ipod and speakers. At the same time others have the right to play a round free of interference. lets find a middle ground... wear headphones or turn in way down when you're withing 100ft of an active group or off when you get into a traffic jam at a tee pad...heck at least ask if people mind. Just a rant, i still love almost everyone.

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doesn't happen much up here in canada ....... what's an mp3 player, does he where different coloured socks?
Totally agreed. I listen to music all day every day but once I get to that golf course I know what my focus should be on. The disc in my hand, not song lyrics.

It's poor form in my opinion to even bust out the music and force another player to be "the man" and regulate your disrespect..

Then again, if it's Vivaldi or something non-lyrical I might be less likely to be offended.
And imagine all (of dem dar) mp3 players have headphone jacks. So please use them.
Well it is a public park. I've seen it on the Ball golf course also. I agree that the least they could do is wear headphones, but these are also the guys who you can hear their car coming for several miles before they get to you. I used to be one of those guys and I grew up and realized that everyone doesn't want to hear your music(that and I got 12 noise pollution tickets). Now i'm the guy the needs the bumper sticker that says"if it's too loud your too old"!
I do wear my MP3 player on the course quite often. There just something about music that focuses me. However I don't hook speakers up so that everyone else has to hear my crazy ass music.
That is why they are called Ipod's NOT Wepod's
HA HA HA. Bingo.
that is pretty funny!!!! "Wepod" It wouldn't bother me to hear music while I was playing....more annoying, but always funny at first, is the Dude wearing the Ipod.....yellling..."AM I OUT" standing right next to ya. lol!!.
I wear headphones during competition.
I keep the volume so low that I can walk down the fairway and still talk to the guys in my group at normal tones.
When it is my turn to putt or drive, I turn it up a little so I cannot hear most background noise, but not enough that someone cannot get my attention because sometimes you need to hear information that pertains to your shot (like if you are not out, or if a disc is coming at you, or if someone is correcting your footing or making a call).
When I head to the next hole, I remove one or both earphones so I can report and hear scores properly...it is not fair for the other players to constantly get your attention because you music is up too loud and you are not paying attention.

Mostly the problem with the external speakers that you can take with you out on the course are that they are extremely lo-fi (meaning they sound terrible) and even if you had the music that I like to hear, I would never listen to it on those speakers as it is going to sound like it is playing inside a tin can. This is the annoying part where I would rather listen to the birds singing (which is what John (owner) used to tell everyone at the Canyon when he heard somebody's music! "Turn that off and listen to the birds singing!")

When I went to the park to practice putt, I backed the van up and opened the doors and turned on the music and started to putt on a nearby basket.
It did not take the cops long to swarm me and let me know that I cannot play the music in the park.
Telling them that I was the only one there and that it was not loud did not make any difference, they made me turn OFF the music.
I have just used my headphones since then.
Maybe this will give you some ideas. Good Luck!
I agree completely. Can't stand running into groups with speakers on their bag., especially on the nicer, more secluded courses. I understand it is everyones right to do what they want, but have a little respect for those playing. Maybe we take a bit more pride in our game than you...good thread
I have speakers on my bag, but only use them when I am practicing or playing solo. I agree that others should'nt have to listen to my music if they don't want to.
i have done it but if other people r there i turn it off but it keeps me from losing my cool and is nice to break the silence from the pressure puts and has helped me stay loose and let some fly pretty nice.

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